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Cover art for Across Worlds Collision

Across Worlds: Collision

$ 2.99
  • Author: S. A. Snow
  • Release Date: Available Now

  • eBook ISBN: 978-1-938108-46-4
  • print ISBN: N/A

Jane Butler, a CIA operative, is assigned the task of infiltrating the Xanthians and determining if they’re a threat to humanity. Going undercover as a Xanthian mate, she boards the transport ship and meets Usnavi—her new mate. After spending six days traveling through space, Jane is ecstatic to explore the Xanthian station and soon sets out to complete her mission. The only problem? Usnavi—and the feelings she is quickly developing. Fumbling their way through varying sexual expectations, cooking catastrophes, and cultural differences, they soon discover life together is never boring.

As Jane and Usnavi careen into a relationship neither of them expected, Jane uncovers dark secrets about the Xanthians and realizes she may no longer be safe. When it becomes clear she’s on her own, Jane is forced to trust and rely on Usnavi. Simultaneously struggling with her mission, her feelings for Usnavi, and homesickness, Jane faces questions she never imagined she would have to answer.


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