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Keeping the Faith (Faithfully Yours #3)

Keeping the Faith (Faithfully Yours #3)

$ 8.99
  • Author: A. M. Leibowitz
  • Release Date: Available Now

  • eBook ISBN: 978-1-944591-26-7
  • print ISBN: 978-1-944591-27-4

"This story evoked deep emotions, and it made me think. It put me in that wonderful zone of reading as both a social scientist and lover of relationship/romance fiction. That's pretty much my ideal kind of story." - Debbie McGowan

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2017 Finalist for the Bisexual Book Awards.

It’s been three years since Micah’s spouse, Cat, passed away at the age of thirty-six. In the process of cleaning his house, Micah discovers a series of letters Cat hid before he died, in which he made one request: that Micah empty his life of Cat as a way of moving on. Micah has been able to work through his sorrow, but he’s unable to fulfill Cat’s last wish. He can’t see a way past his loneliness despite all the caring people around him.

Enter two new friendships. Jude, Micah’s vivacious new coworker, brings joy back into his life. But she has a big secret about her family, and the truth will rock Micah’s understanding of who she is. Chris, the new minister at Cat’s former church, intrigues Micah. Unlike Jude, Chris is an open book, from his musings on theology to his work as a trans advocate and activist. His gentle manner and deep faith become safe space for Micah to open up about his loss.

Through them, Micah becomes involved with the town’s new community center, where he offers a creative writing class. Using Cat’s detailed letters, he fictionalizes their love story to share with his students. In doing so, he at last begins to sort through his complicated grief. Micah learns he doesn’t have to erase his life with Cat in order to make new memories. He may even be falling for Chris, despite their vastly different spiritual views. With a little help from family and friends, Micah will need to open his heart to love completely again.

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