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Passing on Faith (Faithfully Yours #1)

Passing on Faith (Faithfully Yours #1)

$ 2.99
  • Author: A. M. Leibowitz
  • Release Date: Available Now

  • eBook ISBN: 978-1-938108-70-9
  • print ISBN: 978-1-938108-71-6

It's a multi-faceted exploration of how culture, religion, gender, sexuality, social expectations, our own personal expectations, experiences, family, friends, and so forth, impose on us ways of living, being and seeing the world. - Debbie McGowan

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Following his father’s death, Micah Forbes believes he can finally put the family who rejected him and their religious bigotry behind him. In a cruel twist, his older brother calls to tell him he’s inherited their father’s abandoned vacation home.

Micah discovers the house comes complete with a long list of repairs, boxes full of family secrets, and a handful of quirky neighbors. Despite not wanting to get in too deep, he can’t help the spark of interest stirred when the sexy redhead next door offers his help. Everything about the enigmatic Cat Rowland throws Micah off-balance, from his gender-bending sense of fashion to his handy repair skills to his deep spirituality. Before long, Micah is swept up by Cat and his friends, but Cat himself keeps his heart carefully protected.

When Micah’s past and his present collide in a painful way, his self-destructive coping habits threaten to overwhelm him. To save himself, he needs to open his soul and let someone in. Cat has the key to unlock him, if he can let down his guard and trust his faith enough to catch Micah as he falls.

The next books in the series: Walking by Faith (#2), Keeping the Faith (#3)

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