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Supposed Crimes May Releases Check In (Lesbian Publishing, LGBT Publishing)

Christy Case

MATTHEWS, NC – May 14, 2016 – Coming to you live from OutlantaCon, where I'm hoping I'm selling a lot of books. Because this isn't actually live. This is a pre-recorded message. Anyway, there's a nice write-up of the convention at Jetspace Magazine.

Let's check in with our May releases. A. M. Leibowitz came out with An Act of Devotion, a M/M novel featuring two bisexual protagonists who meet at grad school. It was hir most-anticipated best-seller-to-date, which means hir work is finally getting out into the gay publishing world and getting the appreciation it deserves. Zhe's redefining the male protagonist by exploring sexuality, gender, and community. There's also room on hir pages for fantastically hot sex.

AJ from Inked Rainbow Reads writes:

For anyone who wants to read and learn more about the bisexual world, this is a fantastic book from that standpoint. We’re given two bisexual characters, who come to their sexuality very differently, who have experienced the opposite in terms of coming out, who could not have less shared experiences or feelings about the world and its interactions with the Family. The story takes us through activism for LGBT rights, through living as a part of the Family, through recognizing our faults in our own fears.

Boom. That's why we work so hard.

Our other release is Seasons of Change, by Geonn Cannon, our most prolific writer. This is a collection of four stories that range from modern-day Squire's Isle to World War II, with lesbian relationships, conflict, and charm. We're trying something new with this release. Kindle Unlimited subscribers can read it for FREE on Amazon. Of course, Supposed Crimes offers other free books, too. No tricks, no gimmicks. Just great GLBT fiction with a healthy dose of genre fun.

So, check out May and stay tuned for June!

Supposed Crimes is a GLBT publisher focusing on genre fiction, crossovers, and the 3rd Wave. Come for the paranormal creatures, human heroes, and rock stars, stay for the romance.

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