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March - Echo Chamber, by Geonn Cannon (F/F)

June - Just the Way the Story Goes, by Geonn Cannon (F/F)

September - Ghost Days, by Geonn Cannon (F/F)

November - You Are Here, by Geonn Cannon (F/F)

2023 Special

Turning Point 10 Year Celebration by Lara Zielinsky


Turning Together: 10th Anniversary Box Set
Turning In: More Stories of Brenna and Cassidy 

Delayed / Future Titles

[Dawn of War #2], by Alexa Black (M/M)
[The Wild Hunt #3], by Tyler W. D. Stewart (F/F) 
[Blackwater], by Christopher Michael Carter (Horror)
I'm a Cyborg Until Further Notice, by Tamara Boyens

Currently Available

Riley Parra: Season 1, by Geonn Cannon 
Riley Parra: Season 2, by Geonn Cannon
Riley Parra: Season 3, by Geonn Cannon
Riley Parra, Season 4, by Geonn Cannon
Riley Parra, Season 5, by Geonn Cannon
Underdogs (Underdogs #1), by Geonn Cannon
Beware of Wolf: An Underdogs Novel (Underdogs #2), by Geonn Cannon
Wolf at the Door: An Underdogs Novel (Underdogs Historical), by Geonn Cannon
Dogs of War: An Underdogs Novel (Underdogs #3), by Geonn Cannon
Red in Tooth and Claw: An Underdogs novel (Underdogs #4), by Geonn Cannon
Wilder Animals (Underdogs #5), by Geonn Cannon
Dog Biscuits (Underdogs #6), by Geonn Cannon
Kennel Club  (Underdogs #7)
Raised by Wolves (Underdogs #8), by Geonn Cannon 
The Fight in the Dog (Underdogs #9), by Geonn Cannon
The Wolf Who Cried Girl, (Underdogs #10)
Railroad Spine, by Geonn Cannon
Gunfire Echoes, by Geonn Cannon
On the Air, by Geonn Cannon
Gemini, by Geonn Cannon
World on Fire, by Geonn Cannon
The Following Sea, by Geonn Cannon
Tilting at Windmills (Claire Lance, Book 1), by Geonn Cannon
Only Flame and Air (Claire Lance, Book 2), by Geonn Cannon
Confused by Shadows (Claire Lance, Book 3), by Geonn Cannon
Chasing Dragons (Claire Lance, Book 4), by Geonn Cannon
What Matter Wounds (Claire Lance, Book 5), by Geonn Cannon
Monarch, by Geonn Cannon (Claire Lance, Book 6), by Geonn Cannon
The Rise and Fall of Radiation Canary, by Geonn Cannon
Radiation Canary: Greatest Hits, by Geonn Cannon 
Silence Out Loud, by Geonn Cannon
Girls Don’t Hit, by Geonn Cannon
Cinder and the Smoke, by Geonn Cannon
Sojourn, by Geonn Cannon
The Virtuous Feats of the Indomitable Miss Trafalgar and Erudite Lady Boone, by Geonn Cannon
Trafalgar and Boone in the Drowned Necropolis (Trafalgar and Boone #2), by Geonn Cannon
Into the Furnace, by Geonn Cannon
Trafalgar & Boone and the Books of Breathing (Trafalgar and Boone #3), by Geonn Cannon
Trafalgar & Boone and the Children of the Burnt Empire (Trafalgar & Boone #4), by Geonn Cannon
Trafalgar & Boone Against the Forty Elephants (T&B #5), by Geonn Cannon
Trafalgar & Boone at Magic's End (T&B #6), by Geonn Cannon 
Trafalgar v. Boone, (Trafalgar & Boone #7) 
Stag and Hound, by Geonn Cannon (Acquitted Books)
Seasons of Change: Four Novellas, by Geonn Cannon
The Remnant Fleet, by Geonn Cannon
Breaking Anchor, by Geonn Cannon
The Cabot Girls of Coventry Island, by Geonn Cannon
Can You Hear Me, by Geonn Cannon
Appetizers, by Geonn Cannon
Levitate, by Geonn Cannon
Bite Sized, by Geonn Cannon
Prize Fighter, by Geonn Cannon 
How to Steal a Star, by Geonn Cannon 
Just Desserts, by Geonn Cannon 
Queen and Bandit, by Geonn Cannon (F/F)
Falling for Her, by Geonn Cannon (F/F)
Only Game in Town, by Geonn Cannon (F/F)
Lunch Special, by Geonn Cannon (F/F)
All Your Storms and Ships Called She, by Geonn Cannon (F/F)
Let the Waters Roar, by Geonn Cannon (F/F)
Villain of the Piece, by Geonn Cannon (F/F)
No Smoke Without Flames by Geonn Cannon (F/F)
Do Unto Others by Geonn Cannon (F/F)
Grab Bag, by Geonn Cannon (F/F)
Zero City, by Geonn Cannon (F/F)

Turning Point, by Lara Zielinsky
Turn for Home, by Lara Zielinsky
We Three: One and One and One Make Three, Lara Zielinsky
We Fit  (We Three #2) by Lara Zielinsky (F/F/M)

Little Disquietude, by C. E. Case 
The Riches of Mercy, by C. E. Case
Adieu Warm Sunshine, by C. E. Case
Unabiding Halls, by C. E. Case 

Forever Burn, by Adrian J. Smith 
Dying Embers, by Adrian J. Smith
Ashes Fall, by Adrian J. Smith
For by Grace (Spirit of Grace #1), by Adrian J. Smith – trailer
Fallen from Grace (Spirit of Grace #2), by Adrian J. Smith
Grace through Redemption (Spirit of Grace #3), by Adrian J. Smith
Memoir in the Making, by Adrian J. Smith
Unbound (Quarter Life #1), by Adrian J. Smith
De-Termination (Quarter Life #2), by Adrian J. Smith 
Release (Quarter Life #3)
Beware, by Adrian J. Smith (F/F) (Quarter Life #4)
Lost and Forsaken (Missing Persons #1), by Adrian J. Smith
Broken and Weary, (Missing Persons #2)
Young and Old, by Adrian J. Smith (Missing Persons #3)
Alone & Lonely, by Adrian J. Smith (Missing Persons #4)
OBlique, by Adrian J. Smith
Stone's Mistake, by Adrian J. Smith (Agent Morgan Stone #1) 
Stone's Homefront, by Adrian J. Smith (F/F) (Agent Morgan Stone #2)

 The Beast at the Door, by Althea Blue

Life in the District, by Lucy di Legge
The Organization, by Lucy di Legge

Endless Days of Summer, by Stacy O’Steen

The Power of Two, by Leigh Vining (Acquitted Books)
Can't Erase You, by Leigh Vining (M/M)

Across Worlds: Collision, by S. A. Snow (Acquitted Books)

Devil’s Dilemma, by Sirena Robinson – re-release (The Chosen Chronicles, Book 1) (Acquitted Books)
Devil’s Despair, by Sirena Robinson (The Chosen Chronicles, Book 2) (Acquitted Books)
Devil’s Redemption, by Sirena Robinson (The Chosen Chronicles, #3) (Acquitted Books)
Devil’s Salvation, by Sirena Robinson (The Chosen Chronicles, #4) (Acquitted Books)
Nephilim Rising, by Sirena Robinson (The Chosen Chronicles, #5) (Acquitted Books)
Nephil’s Destruction (The Chosen Chronicles, #6) , by Sirena Robinson (Acquitted Books)
Nephil’s Destiny, by Sirena Robinson (The Chosen Chronicles, #7) (Acquitted Books)

Lower Education, by A. M. Leibowitz (Acquitted Books)
Anthem (Notes from Boston #1), by A. M. Leibowitz (Acquitted Books)
Nightsong (Notes from Boston #2), by A. M. Leibowitz (Acquitted Books)
Drumbeat (Notes from Boston #3), by A. M. Leibowitz (Acquitted Books)
Minuet (Notes from Boston #4), by A. M. Leibowitz (Poly, asexual, trans)
An Act of Devotion (Companion to Memoir in the Making), by A. M. Leibowitz (Acquitted Books)
Every Time We Meet, by A. M. Leibowitz 

Gun Control for Polar Bears, by Christopher Michael Carter (Poetry)
Reflections at Various Speeds, by Christopher Michael Carter (Poetry)
Loose Lipped Secrets and Twinkling Lights (Poetry), by Christopher Michael Carter
Last Rites of the Capacitance, by Christopher Michael Carter
Agent Phoenix, by Christopher Michael Carter (M/M)

Under Dark Sky Law, by Tamara Boyens
Seoul Circuit, by Tamara Boyens

Note: Supposed Crimes and Tamara's estate are working to release Tamara's complete works. Stay tuned.

All About the Girls #1: Lux, by Kaden Shay
Silver Linings & Angel Wings, by Kaden Shay
Conquest: Kai's Story, by Kaden Shay
Her Right, by Kaden Shay (F/F) (New Beginnings #2)

The Wolf Inside, by Tyler Stewart (F/F) The Wild Hunt #1)
Wolf Blood, by Tyler W. D. Stewrt (F/F) (The Wild Hunt #2)

What Everyone Deserves (A Junius Thompson Adventure), by Dan Ackerman (Acquitted Books)
That Doesn't Belong Here, by Dan Ackerman (Acquitted Books)
For a Glance (The Serpent's Throne #1), Dan Ackerman (Acquitted Books)
On the Rugged Hills (The Serpent's Throne #2), by Dan Ackerman 
The Moon is Distant,  (The Serpent's Throne #3)
The Things That Come, by Dan Ackerman
The Road Upstate: A Junius Thompson Adventure (What Everyone Deserves #2), by Dan Ackerman (M/M)
The Practical Mage's Guide to Magic and Mayhem by Dan Ackerman (M/non-binary)
Casual Magic, by Dan Ackerman 
Penumbra, by Dan Ackerman
Not Exactly the Girl You’d Bring Home by Dan Ackerman (Sunshine & Specter #0)
A Lady Who Looks Good When She's Crying, (Sunshine & Specter #1) by Dan Ackerman
A Lady Who Knows What She Wants, by Dan Ackerman (M/M) (Sunshine & Specter #2)
The Parsley Knight, by Dan Ackerman (M/M)

Salvation, by A. M. Hawke (Acquitted Books)
Elysium, by Alexa Black as A. M. Hawke (F/F, M/M)

Daring and Decorum, by Lawrence Hogue

Pomes, by P. Osito

Love is a Mess – Anthology (Acquitted Books)
Young Love, Old Hearts – Anthology (Acquitted Books)
Downpour - A Butch Anthology
Canines - A Vampire Anthology
Forest Seclusion, a fairy tale anthology
Upstaged, an anthology of queer women in the performing arts.

What Happened When I Stopped Watching TV, by Alec West 

Other Works

Underdogs: The First Stories, by Geonn Cannon
Sundays on Squire’s Isle, by Geonn Cannon
Marking Territory and Wolf at the Fold, by Geonn Cannon

Erotic Short Stories

Public Displays, by Geonn Cannon (Acquitted Books)
The Jerk, by Geonn Cannon (Acquitted Books)
My Dream of You, by Geonn Cannon (Acquitted Books)