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Historical Fiction

We at Supposed Crimes can see no reason why GLBT historical romance can't be as big a genre as Harlequin offers. We touch all the popular historical eras for fiction -- Victorian times, World War I, World War II, and westerns (our personal favorite). 

How do stories about accessible and interesting GLBT characters abound in times when they weren't historically visible? Often by operating outside the law. As Victorian thieves, such as in Cinder and the Smoke, by Geonn Cannon. Or as cowboy outlaws in Gunfire Echoes

Geonn Cannon takes his historical fiction a step further by incorporating werewolves.

Stag and Hound is a World War II saga about Occupied France. Werewolves try to blend in with society, but as said above, are also outside of society. The "real world" doesn't care if werewolves are gay (we hope) and that gives Stag and Hound the ability to offer men who love men and women who love women as heroes and spies.

Historical fiction is the ultimate escapist fantasy when done correctly. We don't have to worry about acceptance or coming out or retribution as long as it has a happy ending. Sarah Waters really broke ground here with mainstream success writing lesbian historical fiction. We look to Tipping the Velvet as a model for what's possible in an impossible world. 

Also, as a lesbian publisher, we are interested in the true stories of women that have been marginalized or covered up by history. Like female pilots in a short story featured in Geonn Cannon's Seasons of Change. One thing we've learned from Louis L'Amour, famous Western writer, is that diversity is everywhere. It can be included or not included, but the more inclusive story is the more interesting story, full of diverse characters that defy stereotypes and sweep us off our feet.

Revisionist history? Maybe. Romantic as hell? Definitely.


Cinder and the Smoke Cinder and the Smoke

In nineteenth century New York, safes aren’t living up to their name. A thief so wily, so impossible to capture the police call her “the Smoke,” has been targeting the wealthy. In reality, the Smoke is a woman named Kezia Cyr, a woman born in prison, stolen from her mother, and raised by runaways and pickpockets. When her emotions cause a job to blow up in her face, Kezia’s adoptive family scatters, and she is left to avenge those she’s lost.

The Smoke may finally meet her match in Pinkerton Agent Shelby Button, who earned the moniker “Cinder” for running into a burning building to capture a criminal. Button finds Kezia’s trail and refuses to let her prey go without a fight.

With a decade-old murder to avenge, Kezia will stop at nothing to correct her past mistakes, and Agent Button is willing to trek across the country to bring the phantom Smoke to justice once and for all.

Cinder and the Smoke received an Honorable Mention at the 2015 Rainbow Awards.

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Lawrence Hogue - Daring and Decorum Daring and Decorum

Elizabeth Collington, the twenty-year-old daughter of a country vicar, longs for more than the circumscribed life of her 18th-century Devonshire village. When a highwayman steals a kiss along with her mother's necklace – provoking feelings of which her father would never approve – she suddenly has a secret no one must know. But the highwayman also has a secret: "he" is actually a woman.

Will the story of the highwayman's past – complete with a tyrannical husband, a gloomy castle, and a daring escape into London's underworld – persuade Elizabeth to abandon propriety in favor of passion? In the end, can the lovers make an independent life in a world where women are little more than property, evading both the redcoats and the jealous young lord who would tear them apart?

Daring and Decorum is comedy of manners wrapped around a gothic tale; a mashup of Jane Austen, Alfred Noyes' poem The Highwayman, Robin Hood, and Moll Cutpurse; and a passionate case for the freedom to love whom one chooses, Daring and Decorum: A Highwayman Novel should appeal to fans of Ellen Kushner's Riverside series, Emma Donoghue's Life Mask, and Michelle Martin's Pembroke Park (billed as the first lesbian Regency).

$ 8.99
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Gunfire Echoes Gunfire Echoes Before there were comic book superheroes, there were dime-novel cowboys.
Rose Skinner is looking for a new life, and the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889 offers her the opportunity to make one. She hopes to leave the pain of her old life behind when she rides into Paradise as their newest and only female bartender. But some secrets refuse to stay buried. When her new home is threatened by a thief, Rose is forced to fall back on the skills of a life she hoped she would never again be forced to remember.
$ 2.99
Seasons of Change Seasons of Change
Four novellas (and two epilogues) follow women struggling to find balance after they suffer world-shaking changes
  • In When My Ship Comes Back Around, a former astronaut living on Squire's Isle suffers the fallout from an ill-conceived affair while trying to manage her burgeoning alcoholism.
  • The two women of Sundown meet in photography class and soon find themselves on a collision course with one's abusive homelife.
  • The WASP and the Honeybee are World War II veterans who find themselves caught in a lie in order to settle down togeter in Alaska.
  • Finally, The World Without Her returns to Squire's Isle for a woman who is struggling to keep her head above water following her divorce, and the unexpected houseguest that helps her find her way.
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$ 6.99
Stag and Hound Stag and Hound
Paris in Winter, 1943. 
The Loupin pack is a group of canidae operating as a cell in the French resistance, sabotaging German supply lines and taking out as many German soldiers as they can. After a series of successes, they're dealt a staggering blow in a surprise attack that leaves their leader, Philip, dead. Philip's lover, Simon, becomes the pack's new leader, but the fight has gone out of him. He and the rest of the pack retreat to occupied Paris where he drowns his grief in whatever alcohol can be found in any taverns that are still open. He's finally pulled out of his stupor by the arrival of a British Intelligence officer named Kenneth Mackay, another canidae who reveals the attack on their cell was not an isolated incident. It was part of a concerted effort by the Germans to clear northern France of any opposition for reasons unknown.
Simon puts aside his grief and sorrow to discover the truth behind Philip's death. Teaming up with the British soldier, Simon and the pack return to the countryside they abandoned months before. They soon find themselves facing a fierce and cunning enemy whose plans could bring countless deaths and untold destruction.
In this novel set in the world of 'Underdogs,' Simon, Kenneth, and the rest of the Loupin pack are the only thing standing between the new darkness and must do everything in their power to stop it... even if it costs their lives.
Read a review at Love Bytes.
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Cover for Beast at the Door The Beast at the Door

"This is a truly delightful story and I enjoyed it so much. There were quite a few surprises and it kept me enthralled...The interaction between the two young women was quite wonderful and I felt myself becoming a part of their world." - Kitty Kat Reviews

"Romance lands at Patience’s feet when she least expects it, which grants her refuge in the form of emotional freedom... Patience’s vulnerability is authentic and bubbles over into the thrills of young adulthood, budding love, and friendship. - Danika at The Lesbrary

Read more about this book on Goodreads

In this steampunk fairy tale, Patience is no proper young lady. Faced with the prospect of marriage, she runs away from home, from wealth, and a looming life of lies. She finds a garden guarded by a fantastic beast. 

The beast also guards a young girl like herself, alone in the world. Ada is wise and beautiful. Their burgeoning friendship is threatened by outside forces. Only a clockwork menagerie of monsters can save them from an unfriendly world. 

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The Virtuous Feats of the Indomitable Miss Trafalgar and the Erudite Lady Boone The Virtuous Feats of the Indomitable Miss Trafalgar and the Erudite Lady Boone

In 1899, a secret society tried to use a young woman to bring an ancient evil into the world. Twenty years later they will return to finish the job.

After the Great War, London is settling once more into the gentle routine of peacetime. The airships that once protected England's coast now ferry people back and forth across the Thames, the magically-inclined are free to return to their normal work, and those who seek treasures left behind by ancient civilizations are again free to explore. Dorothy Boone shunned a life of luxury to follow in her grandmother's footsteps by uncovering the mysteries of "the worlds that came before ours." When a package explodes upon delivery to Lady Boone's townhouse, she is drawn into an unlikely alliance with her nemesis, Trafalgar of Abyssinia, to find the culprit.

They soon find themselves unraveling a plot that has left many of their allies dead and the rest in fear for their lives. A group of treasure hunters with a fiendish plot to take over England has begun eliminating its competition in order to fund an expedition to retrieve the last item they need for a summoning that will bring an ancient evil into our world. With no one else to trust, Trafalgar and Boone must put aside their differences and forge a partnership to stop their mutual enemy. If they fail, a world that still bears the scars of the Great War will be once again thrown into turmoil.

Welcome to the world of Trafalgar and Boone, a world where airships battled in a Great War that was fought by soldiers who utilized magic and summoned monsters to do their bidding, a world that they must defend by working together to stop an evil far greater than either of them could ever have imagined.

$ 6.99
Cover art for Trafalgar and Boone by Geonn Cannon Trafalgar and Boone in the Drowned Necropolis
"Romantic scenes are classy and erotic without descending into excessive detail. It is nice to see characters who are more diverse than the traditional white, male, heterosexual, wealthy Englishman, who was formerly a mainstay of these genre of novels."
- Jo Frankel at Goodreads

Dorothy Boone's attempt to help a friend leads her to an encounter with a deadly new rival.

Trafalgar and Boone have been working together for a year, taking small commissions in order to learn how to work together. When a friend and colleague is committed to an asylum following a disastrous mission in the Mediterranean, Dorothy takes it upon herself to uncover the truth. What she finds is that her friend was close to the discovery of a lifetime: the remnants of a prehistoric civilization who might have been wiped out by the Biblical Flood.

Trafalgar agrees to accompany her on an expedition to finish what her friend began, and soon they run afoul of a powerful enemy: Emmeline Potter, called Virago, is a treasure hunter who is also adept at magic and seeks riches to help fund a violent uprising. Dorothy and Trafalgar must race to defeat their unscrupulous opponent if they hope to preserve the site for future generations, but they soon discover Virago may be the least of their worries. The secrets of the past have ways of remaining hidden, and trying to uncover them may cost Dorothy her life.

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Cover for What Everyone Deserves by Dan Ackerman What Everyone Deserves
"Although the story deal with some real 1950's issues – discrimination, homophobia, interracial couples and hate crimes – it did it in a way that perfectly suited the characters and the story." - Divine Magazine

Read more about this title on Goodreads and read Molly Lolly's review and Divine Magazine's five star review

In this 1950s period drama, Junius is a New York City fertility demon with a crush. Ever since falling from heaven he's been alone. Except for the mothers and children he watches over.

James Kelly Rosenburg, a black soldier with snowflakes in his hair, walks right into his life with a big problem. James Kelly, turned vampire during the war, is new to New York and its prohibition against vampire killing in city limits.

Junius offers to teach him to overcome his bloodthirsty instincts and live a proper Manhattan life. Their growing friendship leaves them both conflicted as they explore a city both welcoming and alienated by their kind. 

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Wolf at the Door (Underdogs #Prequel) Wolf at the Door (Underdogs #Prequel)

In this prequel to Geonn Cannon’s popular “Underdogs” series, a 19th century human soldier joins forces with a canidae in order to prevent a genocide targeting both species.

After leaving Prussia disguised as a man in order to fight in Napoleon’s army, Leutenant Johanna Brion returns home in disgrace. Driven to prove herself and restore her dignity, Johanna begins investigating reports of children from surrounding villages being slaughtered by packs of canidae, humans with the ability to transform into wolves. Though parents struggle to keep their children safe, the long winter nights provide ample cover for the beasts, and there seems to be no end to the mutilated bodies discovered in small towns throughout the forest.

Joining forces with a group of hunters, Johanna quickly falls for their leader Jacob while honing skills learned from her grandfather to become a ferocious hunter. Johanna’s bloody campaign leads to a confrontation with a canidae called Agatha who believes the killings are due to a fringe sect of wulves who are determined to pit the two species against each other. Joining forces for the greater good, the two warriors must overcome their distrust and hatred of each other to prevent the coming slaughter. The two slowly come to trust one another and eventually discover something deeper, a love as terrifying as the beasts they hunt and could be equally as destructive.

$ 2.99