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"First one's free" as the saying goes, and as an upcoming queer, gay, and lesbian publisher, we're thrilled to provide samples of our work. Free books from Supposed Crimes can be found here, on Smashwords, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble, and a bunch of free eBook sites. Our free titles have even shown up on Mobilism and Livejournal, showing us that our authors are beloved enough to share with all communities of readers. Thank you, guys!

Whatever your reading preferences, we can accommodate them. Still have a Sony eReader? We've got you. Onscreen text? PDF? Anything goes. Supposed Crimes was created by librarians who understand the role Access plays in Information. Our free portal is our way of connecting with readers.

Geonn Cannon is our oldest and most prolific author, so of course he's got the most free content. Guard Me is a free novel that he offers because it's from a never-to-be-finished series. It features lesbian heroines, the secret service, and harrowing action. If you like that, move up to his $2.99 books, which include most of the Riley Parra series!

Many of his stories, especially his award-winning sagas, takes place on Squire's Isle. A prolific fan fic writer (just check out Geonn Cannon on Archive Of Our Own), he fan fics his own novels. In Squire's Isle short stories he expands his universe, creates a past, present, and future for his most popular lesbian characters, expands into poly relationships, bisexuality, people of diverse backgrounds, colors, and beliefs, and brings it all together in a small island town in the Pacific Northwest. Talk about an idyllic community, right? 

These aren't free samples with ridiculous cliffhangers (you can get samples of any book we publish at Smashwords or Amazon), these are full novel length stories and collections. We want to be generous with our content so that you'll be generous, too. 

Soon we'll be releasing free anthologies so readers can see stories from all of our authors, including gay stories, lesbian fiction, bisexual badassery, and what comes of one of our submission slogans, "westerns and werewolves" all around. Make Supposed Crimes your destination for the best free lesbian stories around.

And if readers just need more, check out the fan fiction stylings of Geonn Cannon and Rysler (C. E. Case). There's another million words waiting.