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October Release Out Tomorrow

Lauren Bell

Supposed Crimes is bringing in Spooky Month with an all-new release from Geonn Cannon! The exciting sequel to All Your Storms and Ships Called She will be available to read tomorrow, be sure to check out Let the Waters Roar below!

Legend tells of a witch who can grant your every desire ... for a price. Your soul, taken upon your death and stored in a stone.
Harriet Landau made the deal.
Now the stone containing her soul has been discovered. Her widow, Clio Landau, current captain of the Banshee, has the chance to be reunited with the woman she loves.
But they aren't the only ones who have discovered the witch's secrets. If Clio can't stop a vicious captain's reign of terror, Harriet's resurrection may be very short-lived... and this time the Banshee's crew may be joining her.

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