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New LGBT Fiction from Supposed Crimes

Check out new LGBT books published by Supposed Crimes, featuring gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender romance, sci fi, steampunk, mysteries, cops, and more.

Cover for Breaking Anchor by Geonn Cannon Breaking Anchor
 A good novel to while away a few hours in front of the fire.
- Kitty Kat Reviews

 Three years ago, Sofia Kennedy reported the tragic death of her girlfriend live-on air. Still in the closet even with her closest friends, she was forced to suffer her loss in silence. In the years since she's become isolated and sticks strictly to a routine that prevents her from encountering painful memories of the woman she lost.

Marion Vogt runs a small but well-respected catering service that feeds the elite of Seattle. When Sofia's consumer reporting segment does a story on Marion's company, the two women immediately butt heads. An unintended insult results in a scathing report that nearly shuts down the business. Marion's attempt to defend herself results in a deepening of their conflict until both women are ready to destroy one another. 

They quickly find out Seattle can be a very small town when trying to avoid someone. As much as they want to avoid each other, fate keeps forcing Sofia and Marion to cross paths. Before long they realize they'll have to decide if they're going to hold on to bad feelings or risk forgiveness to discover just what they have to offer each other.

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Forest Seclusion cover Forest Seclusion (a fairly tale anthology)

These five fairy tales feature LGBTQ characters, many of whom begin life in castles, yet make their way into the wild forests for love, truth, and a sense of themselves. This free anthology takes the classics and makes them ours.

White Deer by Jess Martin - Curses, shape-shifting, and shrimp fairies: welcome to Jess's version of Madame d’Aulnoy’s fairy tale where she gender-bends the cursed creation, takes liberty with the hero’s tale, and finds a princess who isn’t in a rush to get rescued.

Snow White by Christina Rosso - When Snow White's father brings home Nadene, her new step-mother, the princess has doubts about the girl's ability to be a queen and mother, but what Snow White never expects is to fall in love with her.

The Tree of Wisdom by Dale Cameron Lowry - A curse cast on Prince Florian makes love a dangerous enterprise. But when he meets animal whisperer Olvir, he falls willingly.

If Only You Were Someone Else by Jennifer Loring - A changeling is willing to risk everything to discover who and what s/he really is--especially when s/he falls for a human male.

Heaven Scent by Chantal Boudreau - A highly sensual retelling of Rapunzel from an insider's perspective.

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Quiet Shy Cover Quiet Shy

New lesbian science fiction from Brandon L. Summers.

Alexandria Fix hates her job as an archaeologist for a renowned institute. It keeps her away from her sensitive wife, Quiet Shy, who comes from the future of an alternate reality. The sentiment only intensifies when Alex's life becomes entangled with the pursuits of an evil cult.

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Cover of Surrogate by Jeanne G'Fellers Surrogate
The imagination of the author opens not one, but three distinct, richly detailed worlds... The plot is complex, cohesive and concisely written and delivers a fascinating story. - Ikuko at Goodreads

Worker. Trade Agent. Slave. Etain Ixtii detests the labels others give her, but there are some things she must accept. She was genetically designed to do specific tasks. Her breeding instincts interrupt her life every forty-five days. But workers like Etain are taught not to question so when she returns from training questioning her home world Gno’s profit-based caste system, she risks her life. She doesn’t want to be an agent and doesn’t want to cross through the wormhole to never return. Why does she have to go? Can’t someone else?

Usurer Serria, the owner of Etain’s birth and training debt, quickly tires of her problem worker and launches Etain through a collapsing wormhole so she can collect the insurance payout. Very bad business indeed, but Etain manages to survive the attempt, arriving on the other side plagued by debilitating headaches and hounded by a dangerous insectoid enemy that no one, including Physician Leigheas Sternbow, the Takla royal physician, and Mercine Feney, the Empire's powerful female leader, can make disappear.

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