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New LGBT Fiction from Supposed Crimes

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We're a LGBTQ publisher focusing on genre fiction, crossovers, and the 3rd Wave. Come for the paranormal creatures, human heroes, and rock stars, stay for the sex.

We were founded in 2010 as a lesbian publisher but quickly branched out. Our books have won awards and have been optioned for TV and for translation.


We focus on lesbian publishing and gay publishing. Our books feature women who love women, men who love men, bisexuals in gay, straight, poli, or other relationships, asexuals, people with diverse gender identities and racial and ethnic identities. 

Our focus on genre fiction, like science fiction, westerns, and mysteries, means that our stories feature more action and adventure than most lesbian publishers and gay publishers. Many of our books and eBooks feature kick-ass heroines. This means that violence often accompanies them. Our books are not always for the squeamish.

Our first ever published book, Riley Parra, by Geonn Cannon, features a cop, Riley Parra, who encounters angels and demons on the beat. Throughout five books she encounters a war. Her lover, Gillian, is the medical examiner, making this reminiscent of female buddy cop shows like Rizzoli and Isles and Cagney and Lacey. The difference being is that women loving women is front and center, satisfying, and exposed. There's no subtext here.

Branching into science fiction means we can experiment with identity--human, alien, in-between--and with metaphor and social commentary. The Remnant Fleet, another lesbian novel by Geonn Cannon, represents that. Races coming together creates a powerful message, and regular readers will be satisfied by lesbian relationships out and proud among all the others.

Under Dark Sky Law features bisexual heroine Xero and relationships with men and women. Lesbian readers will find the love story gratifying, and it will also appeal to anyone who loves a good apocalypse, with domes, and genetic engineering. Genetic engineering pushes the boundaries of what it means to be human or superhuman, but love is still at the heart of this novel. 

Our first writer of men loving men is A. M. Leibowitz, who writes about bisexuality and faith in a number of different ways. Hir characters include transgender heroines, men open to poly relationships, asexuals, Christians, doubters, and devout all coming together with gentle, loving purpose. We hope she will satisfy gay readers looking for a hot romance and all readers hoping to learn about the heart and community along with a great story.