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Submissions are OPEN

We are taking submissions in three areas:

Supposed Crimes – We are looking for stories that feature lesbian or bisexual heroines across a variety of genres, including thriller, paranormal, mystery, military, western, fantasy, and science fiction. Sexual content is not a requirement, but a compelling emotional connection between women should be a primary focus. 

Acquitted Books – This is our “beyond Supposed Crimes” imprint, currently soliciting novels featuring male protagonists. Gay fiction, more bisexual heroes, and love between men are the focus of our queer/LGBTQ titles. Genre fiction and romances. We will also consider menage. 

Non-binary, asexual, and trans characters are always welcome.

Anthologies - Please check our Anthology Submissions blog to see what's open. 

We do not publish non-fiction or memoir-style fiction, personal narratives, or coming-of-age accounts.

We do not publish Young Adult fiction.  

Why publish a novel with us?

  • Competitive Royalties
    eBooks (epub, Kindle, PDF) the author receives 35% of net sales
    Paperback (paperback, 5.5×8.5) the author receives 10% of net sales
  • Monthly Payments by Direct Deposit
  • Rigorous and conscientious editors who care about your story and your voice.
  • Professional graphic design from your vision.
  • Communication. The staff is always available by email and IM.
  • Fan fiction love and fangirling. No taking down your old stuff.
  • Short contracts. We publish your work within a year and retain the rights for three years. We don’t demand rights to future work, even involving the same characters. 

Want to publish a novel with us?

Please submit first about 10,000 words of a completed manuscript in .docx format to submissions at supposedcrimes dot com  No typewritten submissions accepted.

  • The full manuscript must be at least 40,000 words.
  • The characters must be 18 or over when engaged in sexual/romantic relationships. 
  • The work must be your own and you must own the rights to it entirely.
  • We will consider previously published work if all rights have reverted back to you.
  • You may submit to other publishers simultaneously.

We will inform you within 60 days if we want to proceed. If we do, your novel will be published within 12 months of submission, with professional editing, cover design, and worldwide electronic distribution.

Agent inquiries are welcome.

Worldwide Distribution:

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple iTunes, Overdrive, Scribd, and libraries. All eBooks are offered DRM-free.

Our print shop and distribution is via Ingram.