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April Reviews Round-up & New Anthology

brandon summers geonn cannon lesbian books lgbtqia books new release reviews

Spring has finally sprung! What better way to celebrate than by reading outdoors under a blossoming tree? Here are a few books to get you going.

Breaking Anchor, by Geonn Cannon

I'm a sucker for a great enemies-to-lovers story, and this is definitely one of my personal favorites. Looks like I'm not the only one; the reviews for it are excellent.

The writer made this love story very real and well developed. Well done! -Mirtha Siblesz, Amazon

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There's been a lot of challenges lately in the lgbtqia+ books-and-writing world, particularly on the M/M Romance front. I don't have a dog in that fight, since I don't technically write genre romance or exclusively M/M. But it's been disheartening to see family fighting.

The last time I mentioned that, several people told me flat-out that we're not "family." Just because we share space under the rainbow doesn't mean we have much in common or want to hang out together, even in the book world. That may be true,...

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GCLS Conference Accepting Panelest and Moderator Applications

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From our friends at the lesbian fiction organization, the Golden Crown Literary Society --

Now accepting applications

The selection committee is now accepting applications for Panelists and Moderators for the 2017 Conference in Chicago.

Please note that, while the committee will do its best to accommodate everyone, we cannot guarantee that everyone will be selected as a panelist or moderator. We'll do our best, though.

To see the descriptions of selected panels in need of panelists, please go to the

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April New Releases

angels brandon summers devils lesbian fiction lgbtqia books new releases Sci Fi sirena robinson speculative fiction

We have two new books this month, both set in a dystopian future Earth. Nephil's Destiny is post-apocalyptic urban fantasy, while Quiet Shy is science fiction.

Nephil's Destiny, by Sirena Robinson

General fiction, urban fantasy, post-apocalypse, religious themes

This is the seventh book in the Chosen Chronicles series. If you've been following along, you won't want to miss the final battle. It's an exciting conclusion to everything the characters have been fighting for in the previous books. You won't be disappointed.

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March Reviews Round-Up

reviews speculative fiction

There have been a number of requests floating around for good speculative fiction, so here are a few of our more recent releases.

First up is Kaden Shay's Conquest: Kai's Story. Released in December, this is a great read if you're looking for something dark and suspenseful but with a surprisingly upbeat heroine.

It's different, and a way off my beaten track with its post apocalyptic theme, but I really did enjoy it. It's relatively clean and free of any kind of graphic violence....

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