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October Release

Lauren Bell adrian j smith new release quarter life

It’s spooooOOOOooOOoooOOOOOOky season!!! Corn mazes, haunted houses, scary or campy movies (depending on your taste), and pumpkin spice everything - what’s not to love? Not only that, but we have the perfect release for October: full of witches and vampires and trolls and shapeshifters and all kinds of magic, the fourth installment of Adrian J. Smith’s Quarter Life series drops on October 1st!


Faye gets in trouble…again.

Unable to keep herself from feeding her addiction, Faye tries a brand new drug...

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The Importance of Fanfiction

Lauren Bell fanfiction representation

Some creators love it, some hate it, and some just pretend it doesn’t exist. Yet regardless of how authors feel towards it, fanfictions are still posted online everyday. Stories about alternate universes, character studies, relationships, filling in gaps the original author left unanswered, or just creating new stories about characters and worlds that so many love. The stories range in length from a few hundred words to multiple novels. Some readers fall in love with these stories so much that they even pay to print and bind the fanfiction into a hard copy book. So why do we...

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Disney’s long list of “firsts”

Lauren Bell disney representation

For those who are fans of Pixar or believe that Chris Evans is the superior Hollywood Chris, you know that the new film Lightyear features a kiss between the character Hawthorne and her wife. The scene was nearly cut from the film, which is disappointing but not surprising given the fact that Disney (which owns Pixar Animation Studios) often censors queer content in their films and tv shows. Ultimately the scene was included in the final cut, causing it to be banned in several countries and generating backlash from homophobes at home. 

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August & September Releases

Lauren Bell

We’re just about halfway through August, which means it’s time to get excited about our September release! But before that comes around, we actually have a new book coming out tomorrow by Geonn Cannon, a collection of 16 short stories called Lunch Special. That should hold you over until September rolls around, bringing with it another release by Cannon. If you loved Our Flag Means Death but wished there was a wlw romance in it, then this is the swashbuckling book you’ve been looking for! Read more about Read more →

Separating the Art from the Artist

Lauren Bell

Is it possible? This is a question that has bothered me for several years now, ever since JK Rowling began her endless tirade of transphobia on Twitter a few years back. To say that the Harry Potter series was my childhood is not an exaggeration, and those books are what sparked my love for reading. Yet as a person who identifies as trans, her words cut me deeply - and I was not alone in this feeling. When she first began voicing these transphobic beliefs, the fanbase was divided in more ways than one. Some stood by and...

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