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Saying Goodbye

Amy Leibowitz

For the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure of writing for this blog. I’ve highlighted some of the wonderful books by our authors. The fun in that is both getting to read a wide range of great books as well as pointing to my colleagues and (virtually) yelling about how awesome they are.

And they really, really are.

Not only have I interacted online with these fabulous folks, I’ve also met some in person and even interviewed them for my podcast. It’s been a wild and fun ride.

It’s time for me...

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More thoughts on #OwnVoices

Amy Leibowitz own voices

We spend a lot of time talking about #OwnVoices and how that specifically affects the LGBTQIA+ community. Outside of queer lit, the two most prominent discussions are often about race and disability.

There are many different views on this within both reader and writer circles (and the overlap between the two). Even though I’m usually pretty firmly on the side of primarily supporting writers engaging with their (our) own experiences, I readily concede that #OwnVoices is not equivalent to “better written.”

The reason this came up again is that I’m taking...

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A little community education

Amy Leibowitz awareness culture education identity LGBTQIA politics queer social justice tips

I thought this might be a good time to do a little bit of LGBTQIA+ education. Even those of us within the community can sometimes be unaware of what affects people with identities other than our own.

It comes up periodically that someone (or usually multiple someones) take issue with the terms different parts of the community use. I’m not going to get into a spitting contest with people over it, so I’d suggest that folks do some reading on the history of different terminology. Many of the words we know now have...

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What are you in the mood for?

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As we close out July, here are some of our fabulous books. Check out some of our new releases or a few old favorites.

New & Upcoming

Find our latest releases here. Be sure to come back and check out these titles that are coming soon!

Award Winners

Here are some of our books that have won literary awards. Congratulations to all our authors!


Not in the mood...

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Writing to the market or writing for writing’s sake?

Amy Leibowitz writing writing advice writing encouragement

This question comes up a lot. There’s no easy answer. The writing community is frequently divided on this, and it often depends on whether one is relying on book sales to earn a living. Even then, there’s disagreement, sometimes with people taking a hard position one way or the other.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both. More often than not, being a prolific and popular author generates significant in-the-moment income. It can also leave room for an author to experiment with other styles on the side, knowing they don’t have...

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