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Nonbinary: Beyond the Pronouns

Amy Leibowitz gender identity nonbinary

Several recent “discussions” (I use that term loosely) have popped up regarding use of singular they in a book. Yes, again. Honestly, it’s a bit tiring because these conversations rarely involve those of us who use either singular they or neopronouns. More than once, I’ve seen nonbinary folks with some internalized antagonism.

The biggest conversations seem to involve telling nonbinary people that our pronouns are confusing, strange, contrived, tricky, or unnatural. Funnily enough, I rarely see a discussion commenting on how writing about a same-gender couple is “confusing.” When it does happen, it’s...

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March/April Review Round-Up

Amy Leibowitz dan ackerman geonn cannon new releases reviews spring releases

Here’s what reviewers had to say about our March and April new releases!

Monarch: Claire Lance #6, by Geonn Cannon

"Heck yeah, Claire Lance! This was on another level of awesome simply because Lance is a free woman now, doing what she does best.” -XR

"Did I enjoy this book? Yes
Would I read more by this author? Yes” -Cathy Geha

"I started reading this series about 8 years ago and it still holds a special place in my...

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Should you contact an author?

Amy Leibowitz authors editing fans writing writing advice

This question arose for a number of reasons. First, some big-name authors were discussing this on social media because they’d been sent pretty hateful messages about their work. Some readers seem to think that it’s not a real, live human being behind a book and that they are welcome to rant at them for perceived flaws. One big-name author in particular mentioned how hurtful it was to read that kind of angry private message.

Second, there’s been ongoing talk about whether or not it’s polite to correct people’s spelling, grammar, and punctuation in...

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Writing about religion

Amy Leibowitz religion spirituality writing advice

The last time I wrote about this subject was almost four years ago. I posed the question, “Does religion belong in LGBTQIA books?"
I’ve been thinking about this again because a colleague of mine, F.E. Feeley Jr., has written a series of blog posts about the effects of fundamentalism, particularly on mental health and queer lives. Heavy content warning for anyone wanting to...

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Avast, ye scabby sea bass!

Amy Leibowitz books piracy

The pirates are (as always) at it again. I recently had one of my books pirated. The amusing part is that the person used a real name, making it easy to track and report them. Obviously, we got lucky, since that’s not always the case.

I’m torn on my opinion about book piracy. I don’t mean that I think it’s acceptable or right, and I definitely don’t believe any of us should be working for free. However, those of us who write LGBTQIA+ books are in an interesting position.

There are places where...

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