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The STARs of Pride

Lauren Bell history Pride pride month Stonewall

This week starting tomorrow marks the 53rd anniversary of what many regard as the catalyst for the LGBTQ+ rights movement: the Stonewall Rebellion (also known as the Stonewall Uprising). You may have heard the name before, particularly a few years back when the park outside the bar became the first national monument dedicated to LGBTQ+ rights and history in the summer of 2016. For those who are perhaps unfamiliar with the events of June 28 - July 3, 1969, here is a brief summary: The Stonewall Inn, a gay bar located in NYC’s Greenwich Village, was raided by...

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July releases

Lauren Bell adrian j smith dan ackerman geonn cannon July new releases

If you’re anything like me, you binge watched episodes 1-6 of the latest Stranger Things season almost immediately and are eagerly awaiting the last two episodes to drop on Netflix on July 1st. But after you watch those last two episodes, then what? Well, lucky for you we have three new books that are also coming out July 1st and will be waiting for you when the credits roll at the end of episode 8! And if Stranger Things isn’t your jam, then you can just skip that first step and get right to reading!

The Parsley...

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An introduction & a tribute

Lauren Bell community pride month Pulse Nightclub storytelling

Hello bibliophiles, my name is Ren and I’ll be taking over Supposed Crimes’ blog posts! A little about me - I recently graduated college with a degree in dramaturgy, I enjoy cosplaying in my free time, and I’ve been an ardent reader ever since I was a kid. I’m excited to write for Supposed Crimes and connect more with the LGBTQIA+/queer community!
(Content warning: the following post is going to discuss the Pulse Nightclub shooting)
I don’t mean for my first post on this blog to be a downer, but in just a couple of days we...

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Saying Goodbye

Amy Leibowitz

For the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure of writing for this blog. I’ve highlighted some of the wonderful books by our authors. The fun in that is both getting to read a wide range of great books as well as pointing to my colleagues and (virtually) yelling about how awesome they are.

And they really, really are.

Not only have I interacted online with these fabulous folks, I’ve also met some in person and even interviewed them for my podcast. It’s been a wild and fun ride.

It’s time for me...

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More thoughts on #OwnVoices

Amy Leibowitz own voices

We spend a lot of time talking about #OwnVoices and how that specifically affects the LGBTQIA+ community. Outside of queer lit, the two most prominent discussions are often about race and disability.

There are many different views on this within both reader and writer circles (and the overlap between the two). Even though I’m usually pretty firmly on the side of primarily supporting writers engaging with their (our) own experiences, I readily concede that #OwnVoices is not equivalent to “better written.”

The reason this came up again is that I’m taking...

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