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September Releases

Lauren Bell

In another world, September 1st means that certain magical students are boarding the Hogwarts Express at Kings Cross station to take the journey to Hogwarts. Some may be inspired to reread or rewatch the series to celebrate the month, but why support the ultimate TERF when you could instead read the two new books coming out this month at Supposed Crimes! 

Not Exactly the Girl You'd Bring Home by Dan Ackerman

A prequel novel to Ackerman's Sunshine and Specter series, this book is out now!

Raising the baby antichrist isn't easy for adoptive parents Hiram and Phaedrus. A cult kills Felix's mother for creating a child with Lucifer and Felix is sent into hiding. Hiram, bound to the devil and aging slowly, and Phaedrus, a fallen angel, do the best they can in guiding Felix into young adulthood. Felix is good-natured but isolated. His few encounters with his father Lucifer leave him unsettled.
An angel is hunting Felix, too. Sent by Heaven to kill the antichrist, he has been searching for 26 years. Felix, tired of spending his life in hiding, casts a spell to capture and kill the angel. Only he can't work up the nerve to kill. Felix and the angel strike an unruly truce as the cult returns. The peaceful upbringing Felix had is ending. His three parents hope they've given Felix the tools to confront Heaven and Hell as he comes into his own.

Wolf Blood by Tyler W.D. Stewart

The highly-anticipated sequel to The Wolf Inside will be out on September 5th!

Survival had a cost...

The city of Fort Thompson was liberated from the claws of The Phantom Woman, Vega, and her bandit force splintered and rendered useless. With the battle won, the Red Dawn military gathers terrifying strength under General Blackwell, a man obsessed with old world ideology, and crushes anything in its path.

Celeste, battle-hardened by crippled with doubt, recovers from her injuries in the lion's den, under the watchful eye of her only surviving family--her uncle. For her valiant effort against the incursion, Celeste is given command over a group of misfits and must learn to navigate through hidden agendas and an insatiable desire for conquest. As she struggles to integrate with the military and repair her fractured relationship with Melanie, conspiracies unravel around her, and a price is placed on her head by the mysterious Disfigured. Dead or alive.

With her wolf, and Melania's unwavering faith, Celeste embarks on a mission that Vega foretold--to become the spark for rebellion that unshackles the land from tyrannical rule. 

Meanwhile, in the far-off mountains, a shadowy force has been conducting experiments with horrific results, mutating the sickness and creating something far worse than infected corpses or ravenous creatures. Something bloodthirsty and sinister. Something that hungers for her.

Something beyond human.

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