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July Release

Lauren Bell

Just because Pride Month ends today does not mean that you have to stop celebrating! Tomorrow will see the release of Geonn Cannon’s latest book, Grab Bag. The book is an anthology of 14 short stories all based around WLW relationships. Read more about it below, and be sure to check it out here tomorrow!

Bond Themes from the Early 80s - Claudia and Ruby are going to have the most unique look at their Year 12 formal.

Clicking - A wedding photographer has a candid conversation with a bride before the ceremony.

Cruising Altitude - This probably isn't how DB Cooper pulled off his famous heist. But maybe...? No. But it's definitely worth thinking about.

Fear Makes the Wolf Bigger - A woman in a Nordic village is accused of being a werewolf. (Underdogs, classical canidae)

Fright Court - Even things that go bump in the night deserve their night in court.

Funny Girl - Stop her if you’ve heard this one. A woman walks into a comedy club...

A Night of Firsts - On New Years Eve in 1979, a cab driver takes a passenger on a detour. (takes place around five years before my novel ZERO CITY)

Open Frame - A former resident of Squire’s Isle returns home and revisits the place where she now believes her life peaked.

Paved with Bad Intentions - A woman prepares for an awkward, potentially painful confrontation. Inspired by Lana del Ray’s cover of “Buddy’s Rendezvous.”

Playing for Keeps - An innocent game gets a little out of hand. But neither of the players is complaining.

South of Neptune - At a motel in the middle of nowhere, two women wait for a sighting of something unbelievable.

The Squares House - While looking for a new home, Celia makes a discovery about one listing. She has one chance to convince her wife it’s worth the expense.

Ten Thousand Grapes - Two actresses bond when they run into each other at an Oscars afterparty.

Three Blue Hawaiians - A reporter finds a crumb that leads her to a shocking discovery about an actress. (sequel to Ten Thousand Grapes)

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