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Underdogs: The First Stories

Underdogs: The First Stories

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  • Author: Geonn Cannon
  • Release Date: Available Now

Ariadne Willow is a private investigator with a secret weapon: she's canidae, a person with the ability to change into a wolf at will. Her abilities grant her the ability to get into secure areas without causing alarm, and her heightened senses make tracking people a snap. With the added help of her assistant Dale Frye, there isn't a case Ari can't crack.

Whether checking on the welfare of a runaway daughter or taking down a trio of canidae jewel thieves, Ari's special abilities get her into places ordinary investigators can't go. Occasionally her canidae side throws her a complication, like suddenly going into heat during a case or leaving her naked with partial amnesia in the middle of a field. Fortunately Ari isn't just a furry face and has a trick or two up her sleeves even when she's human.

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