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Most of the writers at Supposed Crimes are big into fan fiction. As 2017 closes, it's no wonder that Geonn Cannon's contemporary "SwanQueen" romance, Breaking Anchor, won second place at the 2017 Rainbow Awards for Best Contemporary Lesbian Romance. It's also no surprise that among the free work here by Geonn Cannon is fan fiction about his own novels. Anthologies of Squire's Isle are sweet and cozy. Underdogs: The First Story gives an extra taste of Ari and Dale, erstwhile lesbian detective and sidekick. And like any good fan fiction author, Geonn has his abandoned work: Guard Me, the "Jill Reacher" series that wasn't. Free and novel-length.

Also available for free is the Best Lesbian Sci Fi / Futuristic novel at the 2017 Rainbow Awards. Since Tamara Boyens tragically passed away, Supposed Crimes released her new novel posthumously, and for free, so everyone can see Tamara's clever writing and sexy cypberpunk lesbian heroine, Jin. Book of the year, right here!