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Cover for What Everyone Deserves by Dan Ackerman

What Everyone Deserves

$ 7.99
  • Author: Dan Ackerman
  • Release Date: Available Now

  • eBook ISBN: 978-1-944591-21-2
  • print ISBN: 978-1-944591-20-5

2017 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention
"Although the story deal with some real 1950's issues – discrimination, homophobia, interracial couples and hate crimes – it did it in a way that perfectly suited the characters and the story." - Divine Magazine

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In this 1950s period drama, Junius is a New York City fertility demon with a crush. Ever since falling from heaven he's been alone. Except for the mothers and children he watches over.

James Kelly Rosenburg, a black soldier with snowflakes in his hair, walks right into his life with a big problem. James Kelly, turned vampire during the war, is new to New York and its prohibition against vampire killing in city limits.

Junius offers to teach him to overcome his bloodthirsty instincts and live a proper Manhattan life. Their growing friendship leaves them both conflicted as they explore a city both welcoming and alienated by their kind. 

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