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Bite Sized (A lesbian romance anthology)

Bite Sized (A lesbian romance anthology)

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  • Author: Geonn Cannon
  • Release Date: May 1, 2019

  • eBook ISBN: 978-1-944591-68-7
  • print ISBN: N/A

A new short stories F/F anthology from Geonn Cannon! These stories were first published on Patreon. Join now for an exclusive preview story every month.

Burgers by the Beverlys - Beverly Keegan and Beverly Paris - Early and Bev - are the owners of BURGERS BY THE BEVERLYS, one of the hottest food trucks in Seattle. When another burger truck appears in their territory, the new competition may be the least of their worries.

A Crowd of Any Size - Rita, an introvert, is forced to attend her company Christmas party by her more outgoing wife, who takes time during the festivities to make sure Rita has an excellent time. 

Dance with the Devil - Ten years ago, Paige stood at the crossroads and made a deal with a demon. Now her time is up...

Dressing Down - Penelope is a tailor who caters to women, promising suits that actually have pockets. On a rainy afternoon, she finds herself offering something far more useful to a new customer who is planning to ask a big question.

Everyone Who Made You - A chance run-in with an ex leads a woman and her wife to discuss past relationships on their walk home. 

For My Next Trick - Cassie Weir just wants to sit in the dark and enjoy a magic show. But when she’s chosen for audience participation, she discovers the real magic behind the scenes.

Fresh Air - A woman takes a moment to escape her friend’s bachelorette party and gets some advice from the bartender.

Guest Room - Alice and April Hyatt are happily married and insanely in love with each other, but Alice's dance with a stranger gives April an idea of how they could add a little intrigue to their love life.

Indistinguishable from Magic - A woman is hired by a secretive tech company to test their newest creation: an artificial intelligence meant to mimic humanity.

Knife’s Edge - Amid the insanity of the circus, Arlie and Ru must place absolute trust in each other. Arlie trusts that the blades will hit their intended target, while Ru trusts that Arlie won't flinch. It would only take the smallest of mistakes to destroy that trust.

Long-Distance Relationship - Maureen Kemp has a fear of flying. Luckily flight attendant Clea Passet knows some tricks...

Maya, in the Passenger Seat - A woman reflects on her relationship during a long late-night drive home.

Muse in Repose - Two creative women whose careers complement each other share a blissful, ordinary morning together.

Neutral Corner - Tanner "Money" Moneta is still reeling from a devastating loss when a fan approaches her with an intriguing offer... and a dark request.

Or Best Offer - Maddie and Beck are happy together. Very happy. And ready to take the next step of moving in together. Unfortunately for Maddie, that means sacrifice in the form of a yard sale.

Overnight Sensation - One of them is going to be a star. The other is just happy to be along for the ride, helping however she can.

The Right Shoe and the Left Behind - A ghost from the past is waiting outside Camilla Fereday’s door.

The Valley - June is worried that her five-year-old relationship with Martha is stagnating, which leads her to make a horrible decision: looking on the internet for advice.

The Wall Dog’s Ghost Sign - An artist has an extremely special commission to finish.

Wolfshead: A Certain Outlaw - The authorities called her wolfshead, caput lupinum, an outlaw bereft of rights. Those who received the benefits of her theft called her Robin Hood. And Maid Marian called her "my hound." A wolfish take on the Robin Hood story, set in the Underdogs universe.

Wolves Eat Dogs - A dark story in the Underdogs series. A private eye is haunted by a series of vicious attacks in her town, unaware the truth is stranger and closer than she could guess.

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