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New Lesbian Historical Drama Arrives from Geonn Cannon!

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March 1, 2015 (Matthews, NC) — Cinder and the Smoke is a highly anticipated historical crime drama. Word on the street is that it’ll be the hit of the year. Combining Geonn’s love of period pieces, crime with a twist of mystery, a sincere love of women, and of course a heart wrenching emotional bond with the characters, this novel is no doubt going to be a hit.

From the author:

Cinder & the Smoke started (as the title suggests) from a desire to write a story set in or around the Great Seattle Fire of 1888. The story did end up there, but I quickly discovered the journey was just as exciting as the destination. Kezia Cyr was so interesting to me that I jettisoned the idea to alternate chapters with a Shelby Button point-of-view just because I didn’t want the readers to see her as a villain even for a few pages. She’s a thief and she makes bad choices, absolutely, but I wanted people to root for her.

The birth of Cinder & the Smoke was a tagline: “Get ready to root for the bad guy.” I ended up tossing that, but the sentiment remains. Kezia is a thief and a confidence artist, but she wears her heart on her sleeve and tries to do what is right for the people she loves. I hope people enjoy following Kezia’s journey from Victorian-era New York to the doomed streets of 1880s Seattle as much as I did.

About the author: 

Geonn Cannon was born in a barn and raised to know better than that. He was born and raised in Oklahoma where he’s been enslaved by a series of cats, dogs, two birds and one unexpected turtle. He’s spent his entire life creating stories but only became serious about it when he realized it was a talent that could impress girls. Learning to write well was easier than learning to juggle, so a career was underway. His high school years were spent writing stories among a small group of friends and reading whatever books he could get his hands on.

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