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Our First Gay Novel, Lower Education, Now Available!

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Phin Patterson is a professional. He cleans up issues in the education system in New York and makes them look presentable for the public eye and scrutiny. He’s hard to read in a battle of the wits and can certainly hold his own. He’s quick thinking and smart, using both those to his advantage when trying to do a job that isn’t in the best interest of everyone.

Lower Education is a tale exploring some of the truths behind the education system, the good and the bad. Phin Patterson is sent to do a job he doesn’t quite agree with in a town he used to live in and has a connection to. There he is to convince the school and its teachers that the plan he has been given by State Education Department is for their advantage.

From the author…

Lower Education came from a combination of my love for classic fairy tales retold and my infatuation with a particular movie musical (no, I’m not letting on which one…you’ll have to read it and see if you can follow the clues to figure it out!). It started as a story about white collar crime and being assigned to community service, and it also started out as a m/f romance. I kept getting stuck because it simply wasn’t working. So first, I revised the plot and set it in the New York State educational system. My spouse is a teacher, and I’ve worked in public schools, so it was a natural fit. Timely, too—we’ve had years’ worth of ongoing debates about Common Core and state testing. I also concluded that my original two main characters were entirely wrong for each other. Instead, I threw in one very hot school psychologist, and voila! A story was born. I was hesitant at first to write a gay romance, but with encouragement from a couple of good friends, I took the plunge. I am still madly in love with these characters, and I hope you’ll fall for them too.

About the author…

M. Leibowitz is a spouse, parent, feminist, and book-lover falling somewhere on the Geek-Nerd Spectrum. She keeps warm through the long, cold western New York winters by writing romantic plot twists and happy-for-now endings. In between noveling and editing, she blogs coffee-fueled, quirky commentary on faith, culture, writing, and her family.

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