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Griffin Must Choose Between Heaven and Hell

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October 1, 2014 (Matthews, NC)–

Meet Griffin Javenson, a girl who grew up with angels and demons fighting over her. A woman who has to make a choice, a choice that will affect the future of the whole world, and a choice that will end her life. Griffin didn’t think she was born for anything other than to live in sorrow and live in a world where everything went wrong, but she quickly found out she was wrong.

Alaria, a fallen angel, is determined to get her way and have Griffin choose in her favor. Gabriel, a stoic angel, is determined to protect Griffin and have her choose in his favor. Alaria has ten events to help turn Griffin toward Hell and each one is worse than the last.

The Chosen Chronicles follow the story of these three and more, from modern day to the near future, to the far future, to the ancient past. Devil’s Dilemma is the first book in the series, following Griffin and Alaria as they live through the time of the chosen. Devil’s Despair, the second book in the series, chronicles the story of Greer Dawson and Damon Mackenzie as they soldier on in their past to prevent their future.

From the author…
The Chosen Chronicles starts with Devil’s Dilemma, which began as a college creative writing prompt to re-imagine Revelation and prevent the apocalypse. After falling in love with my characters and being unwilling to believe the story ends at the end of that book, the series was born. The themes of sacrifice, redemption, unconditional love, loyalty, friendship, and faith that run deep within Devil’s Dilemma tie all seven books in the series together. The characters I loved from the first book continue with their character development all the way through to the end of the last and while I added new ones, I enjoy the “regulars” too much to let them slip into oblivion. Writing this series has had me laughing out loud, in tears, and everything in between. I hope it does the same thing to you. Happy reading! Enjoy.

About the author…
Sirena N Robinson is an author who lives and works in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. When she is not helping her characters defeat unspeakable evil, she spends her days working as a drug and alcohol counselor and as a court-appointed attorney in the local Juvenile Court. A firm believer in wearing many hats, she spends many weekend traveling the country with her husband, daughter and Bengal cats attending cat shows. On off weekends, she can be found with the rest of her family at a hunt-test or field trial helping shuttle dogs or holding down the fort at home, caring for the menagerie of dogs and cats living in her house.

Sirena writes in several genres, focusing primarily on novels with paranormal or supernatural elements. She has several other novels in various stages of planning, including a futuristic crime series. She writes both because she loves it and because she has no choice and is a self-proclaimed slave to her characters. She considers herself incredibly lucky to be the one chosen to tell their incredible stories.

Connect with Sirena online…
Twitter: @SirenaNRobinson

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