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Reviews, Reviews, and More Reviews!

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We’ve had quite a few releases in the recent months, and the reviews are coming in! Here’s a quick way to check them out.

For by Grace by Adrian J. Smith
a lesbian police procedural

“I was drawn into Grace’s world right from the start. She’s smart, capable, and strong–exactly the kind of woman I look for in a lead character. I tend to expect two things for any story to hold my interest after the first pages: First, does it keep me wondering what’s going to happen next? Second, do I care about any of the characters? Grace delivers on both counts. At the close of every chapter, I couldn’t wait to read the next. There’s plenty of tension to keep readers engaged throughout. However, the best part about the book is Grace herself and the fascinating people populating her life. All of them, from the criminals to the kids to Grace’s friends and coworkers, are captivating. I found myself thinking that these are people I’d like to know in real life (a hallmark of Adrian Smith’s writing style, if you’ve read any of her other works). Most importantly, if I needed someone on my side, I’d want it to be Grace herself. This is easily the kind of book you could sit down with and lose track of the time. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to escape into another life for an afternoon.” Review from Amazon

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Dogs of War: An Underdogs Novel by Geonn Cannon
a lesbian urban fantasy novel

“Dogs of War is a fun delightful read from the Underdog series. The author brings the characters to life with his use of wit and sarcasm throughout the book. He offers plot twists and emotions that are completely unexpected which keep the reader glued to the book from cover to cover. I loved the book and hope to see many future installments in the Underdog series.” Review from Amazon

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“But beyond the supernatural elements, Dogs of War has a very familiar theme. At least for any reader who has ever been a member of a minority group. The hunters’ canidae massacre holiday smacks of other violent programs enacted against minority groups throughout history, and indeed, the hunter organization is a veritable model of various levels of bigotry in people today. It isn’t just confined to Ari and her people either, Dale is targeted for being involved with Ari and the hunters want to turn her into an “example” of what happens to humans who side with canidae. Oh, does this sound sadly familiar. And with a lesser writer, this story could have bogged down and spun off the rails. Instead, Cannon weaves a story about love, looking beyond long held beliefs, and a hopeful glimpse of peace.” The Rainbow Hub

Across Worlds: Collision by S. A. Snow
a bisexual science fiction and erotic romance novel

“S. A. Snow’s “Across Worlds: Collision” is steamy and perfect, especially if you like both M/F and F/F action! Usnavi, the leading alien of the novel, is capable of changing sexes and this makes for some hawt encounters! I loved this book – couldn’t put it down. Very sexy and also a great storyline. Kind of a sexed up version of “Calculating God” by Robert J. Sawyer. A really great, complete, standalone book. Also, strangely, if you suffered through morning sickness and other pregnancy woes, there’s a little bit of turn-about-is-fair-play in this book on that count! Amazing!” A review on Babu’s Bookshelf

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