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New Offering Across Worlds: Collision offers Alien “Exploration”

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August 1, 2014 (Matthews, NC) — The August release for 2014 in a novel that pushes barriers and boundaries. Usnavi is a sex-shifting alien who has no gender identity, and Jane is a bisexual CIA agent with a straight-forward attitude. The two are paired up, matched, mated, dare I say, destined to be together.

Meet Usnavi – A Xanthian who traveled to Earth to be mated with a human. Zhe works in the control center of the Xanthian station. Zher best friends are Uvi, who is a doctor, and Vantash. Usnavi is stoic, having one of the best poker faces around. Zhe lets loose when Jane is involved, but rarely panics and never questions. Usnavi has a very curious mind and is very observant.

Meet Jane – Jane was assigned the job of infiltrating the Xanthian station and was mated with Usnavi. She travels to the other side of the next galaxy and makes a home for herself on the station. She secretly observes and collects information about the Xanthains, their culture and their politics. Jane is determined to do her job.

This novel is a blended genre novel. Science fiction and erotic romance mixed together to create a story where both plot lines are essential for the story to be told. S. A. Snow’s first novel is definitely one that tries to break down the barriers. There is the alpha female with a gender identityless lover. Jane is blunt and comfortable with her body while Usnavi is less confidant with zher body.

“I wrote Across Worlds: Collision to push my comfort zone, to try something new, and just to have fun,” says Snow.

About S. A. Snow: After chasing around puppies and corralling kittens, S.A. Snow flips open her BSG replicated console and enters her mysterious world of imagination. Seeking to escape the rigors of her day jobs, she enters flight mode and powers her engines full-speed ahead. A prolific writer of non-traditional erotica, S.A. Snow grew up on a small alpaca farm high in the Andes Mountains. A lover of yoga and meditation, she spends her free time constructing alien space stations, organizing werewolf governments, and cataloging all episodes of Star Trek in order of technical soundness. A firm believer that one need not choose between Gene Roddenberry and George Lucas, she also has closely examines all Star Wars movies in order to determine which episode is more factually based. S.A. Snow writes truth and only truth, factoring in all evidences she can find. She writes only about parallel universes she has personally visited, and believes if something about her books isn’t shocking, she’s not effectively telling the story.

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About Supposed Crimes LLC: Supposed Crimes, LLC, based in North Carolina, publishes lesbian-interest fiction and holds the rights to the richest, freshest pieces by S. A. Snow, C. E. Case, Geonn Cannon, Adrian J. Smith, Lucy di Legge, Lara Zielinsky, Adrian J. Smith, Jo Graham, and Denise Delvis. More information, including media kits, is available at http://www.supposedcrimes.com.

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