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Railroad Spine, by Geonn Cannon, gets Analog review!

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February 26, 2013 (Matthews, NC) — Geonn Cannon’s steampunk adventure Railroad Spine (9781938108044 | 5.99) has been recognized by Analog Science Fiction and Fact.

Railroad Spine tells the story of an airship captain in a dark future where sharing knowledge is punishable by death.

Don Sakers wrote of the novel, “While this story wears the trappings of steampunk, it’s no mere adventure tale … there’s a lot more going on under the surface: questions of freedom and rebellion and a fundamental belief in the power of knowledge. The story is well told and the characters are compelling. Join Dice Bodger on her journey of discovery; you won’t regret it.”

Read the full review in Analog’s May 2013 issue.

Geonn reflected in his blog, “my first-ever official, professional review in a major magazine. I mean, this is Analog. This is the magazine that sent me so many rejection slips when I first started writing. And now they’re carrying a review of a novel I wrote!”

This is also the first professional review for a Supposed Crimes title.

Stay tuned in March for the release of Geonn Cannon’s newest novel, The Rise an Fall of Radiation Canary,(9781938108303 | 6.99)  and the debut novel from our newest author, Adrian J. Smith, Forever Burn (9781938108068 | 6.99).

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