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"Young Love, Old Hearts" Anthology Released - May/December Romances

Christy Case

Young Love, Old Hearts (2.99). Nine amazing stories about how love defies age. There are many relationships which defy the traditional “age” rule, meaning a gap of ten years or more. Each of these stories is about love in some form or fashion, love that isn’t about a number but about a feeling, and these feelings are all brought to the surface.

We’ve done it again. Putting together an anthology and breaking some boundaries while we do it. One thing Supposed Crimes authors love to do is push boundaries, and what better way to do it than the traditional love-interest relationship where age may or may not be an issue.

These nine stories have a great variety in them. Some are student professor relationships, in the traditional sense and in the non-traditional sense, some are moments that just come by and are taken up by the characters. One thing is for certain in all of them. Age doesn’t matter.

From new authors, old authors, Supposed Crimes vets and those who just happened to discover our anthology call, we present:


Verso and Recto by Geonn Cannon

Discovering their mutual love of reading leads a literature student and her professor to take a step neither of them expected.

A Blizzard’s Blow by Adrian J. Smith

Lollie dashes from the house in the middle of a blizzard in search of something she’s not sure she’ll find, but she hopes to never again see the same cold, blank stare Kimberley gave her.

Slice by Ralph Greco Jr.

When Germane relinquishes her more-than-slight kinky relationship with Lila to begin a new one with younger A.J., she finds a flirty, fun and wholly different “Slice” of life opening up for her.

That December by Lela E. Buis

Celia finds that older women and the politics of genetic engineering aren’t what they seem.


The Arrangement by Helena Maeve

When he is summoned into his Dom’s study after a mutually satisfying scene, Cyril knows he’s in for something worse than the play they normally get up to.

New York Minute by Stacy O’Steen

Stuck in his depressing hometown for far too long, Colton jumps at the chance to return to his beloved New York City. But when some odd coincidences click into place, he needs to find the truth hidden in the lies.

The Artist as an Old Man by A. M. Leibowitz

1985 is a big year for Kenny Anderson. Sent to interview artist Aaron Rubenstein, making a grand reappearance after a three-year absence, Kenny digs beneath the surface to understand Aaron’s life—and maybe his own.

Adjunct Hell by Erin McRae & Racheline Maltese

Phil may be in his 50s, but he’s still a student, and the fact that Carl—who’s barely 30—is dating him would bad enough even if Carl wasn’t waiting for good news from the tenure committee.

Say You Do by Kassandra Lea

Keegan Bancroft is hoping to avoid a complete meltdown before his date. But there’s something he really wants to ask Richard.


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