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Christy Case adrian j smith new release unbound

Matthews, NC (October 1, 2015) -- Unbound, the latest novel from Adrian J. Smith (Memoir in the Making, For by Gracearrives just in time for Halloween. Ladies of the paranormal variety start front and center, each with stirring secrets, and there's just enough romance to be dangerous. Fantastic creatures and loathsome gangsters round out the story.

"Faye and Molly are attracted to each other and don't waste anytime in getting up close and personal ... the story had me intrigued." - Joanne Swinney

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From the author

"My favorite aspect to writing this novel, and perhaps this series, was exploring personalities in characters I've never been able to explore before. Faye is a character who is intentionally dysfunctional on her own part; she likes not fitting the bill and going against the grain. Molly does too, to an extent. I love their bedroom scenes, oddly enough because I'm not generally a fan of writing erotic scenes. However, with these two the bedroom scenes have so much undertone to spill out their personality that it became extraordinarily fun to write.

"This was a world where I felt I could completely play in. The impossible is allowed to happen. I have a character who can get beat up and heal in a day, and a character who only really knows what she wants in the now. Faye doesn't think about ten years or even a hundred years around the road. She's in completely contrast to Molly, which made sticking them in a room together (along with sexual tension, of course) an utter blast.

"I loved bringing these two characters to life in a world where possibility is a way of life rather than just a dream."

About the author

 Adrian J. Smith, or “AJ” as she is often called, has a generous and soft heart. She loves to rescue stray cats and dogs, as well as those who just escape. Her hoard of animals currently includes two cats, a dog and a fish, but no children as of yet. She’s passionate about LGBT et al rights, women’s rights and children’s rights.

 AJ loves to read and write lesbian fiction, simply for the fact that strong women make her swoon and when two are involved her knees turn to jelly and she falls head over heels in love. AJ travels around the United States, and sometimes the world, gathering up stories for her novels. Currently, she lives in the middle of nowhere of the middle of nowhere and is rather difficult to find except on the internet, where she spends a lot of her time.

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