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The Best Gift for Readers

Lauren Tonge

Ok, so we came out with our Lesbian Holiday Gift Guide recently. But now it's time to find some stuff for our readers! If you frequent this blog, you're likely a reader (don't hide it, we know your secret). Maybe you are a casual reader, browsing a few pages before bed, or maybe you're a bookworm, someone who always has a book in their hands. Either way, you know what you like and that's getting lost in a gripping story or learning something new. 

Your friends and family may know that you like books, but they always get you a book for the holidays and birthdays. This year, send them over here! We're doing a guide for great gifts for readers, aside from books. If you are planning to buy something for a book-loving friend, then you've come to the right blog post.

Alright book nerds, on with the list!

Novel Teas
Get it? Novel Teas? These teas are paired with classic literary quotes.
So if you love a good cup of tea with your book, look no further. 

Book Print Artwork
These are pretty common on Etsy, so you can likely find a print with your favorite book.
Many have nice drawings or illustrations over the page. 

Book Rest Lamp
We've all had those times when we have to put a book down but have no place to put it. This lamp isn't just a lamp, it's also the best book rest ever! 
Ideal Bookshelf Print
These prints feature popular book collections like Harry Potter, or around themes like Kids or Travel. 
Magnetic Arrow Bookmarks
You're probably wondering why you never thought of these...same here. 
Check Me Out Library Kit
This is THE gift for those with a personal library and friends who always
want to borrow some books. 
So Many Books So Little Time Mug
We know you want this, c'mon, admit it. 
Book Case for Mac Laptops
When you're not reading, you're probably on the computer.
Disguise your computer as a book. Why? Because you can! 
Book Lovers' Soy Candle
I know the first thing you do when you buy a book is open it and smell the crease.
No longer do you need to stick your nose in the pages! 
Library Embosser
Get your own custom rubber stamp embosser.
Now you can stamp all the books in your library and make it official! 

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