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The Greatest Last Minute Gifts

Lauren Tonge

It's down to the wire! It's already the Sunday before Christmas, and you still haven't gotten all your shopping done. What's wrong with you!? Alright, maybe you're a procrastinator like me, who just thinks "C'mon, I'll go to the mall Tuesday and just get everything". WRONG! That is what everyone else on planet Earth will be doing. Good luck finding that parking spot. 
Ok, enough cynicism, you're stuck in a jam and we want to help. What can you do for last minute gifts? Buying online is almost out of the question because shipping may take too long. You could pay more and try to get items more quickly but it's not guaranteed. Your best bet is to buy in person or get a digital gift. 
Now, personally, I like getting gift cards or cash, but there are many people who don't. So let's say you're shopping for someone special in which a gift card is not your top pick as a present. Well here's a list of gifts that are last minute, but don't seem like you just ran to the store and picked them up the day before. 
Time is running out...on with the list!

Lip Smackers 8 Pack (Target)
Mmm Root Beer flavored lip gloss. C'mon, tweens like lip gloss...right?
The Person Who Has it All
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Target)
A subtle hint that maybe they have too many things. 
The Person Who Can't Seem to Have Enough Rainbow
Acrylic Wine Glasses Set of 4 (Target)
They have rainbow everything, but they don't have wine glasses! 
The Book Worm that Loves Lesbians and Crime
Spirit of Grace Series by Adrian J. Smith (Supposed Crimes)
You can get these books as Kindle, ePub, or PDF right away! You won't even need to leave your computer. Buy both for less than $12! 
The Design-Nerd
Hedgehog Figural Table Lamp (Target)
This is for the design nerd who just happens to love hedgehogs.
The Hipster
Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 (Walmart)
You know what, bet they already have one of these.  
Your One Friend that Complains There are No Good Bisexual Sci-Fi Books
Cythera by Jo Graham (Supposed Crimes)
This book was runner up for a Rainbow Award for Best Bisexual General Fiction and Second Runner up for Best Bisexual Book. So you know it's going to be good, plus we published it and we know good LGBT books when we see them.
The Adult Who is Still a Kid at Heart (Or for a kid)
Homemade Fort Kit (Cinnaberry-suite.blogspot.com)
This idea is so cute! It's perfect for kids, and adults who still like having fun. 
The Foodie
Cupcake in a Jar (Nelliebellie.com)
Everything looks better in a mason jar. Even a single cupcake. 

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