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August & September Releases

Lauren Bell

We’re just about halfway through August, which means it’s time to get excited about our September release! But before that comes around, we actually have a new book coming out tomorrow by Geonn Cannon, a collection of 16 short stories called Lunch Special. That should hold you over until September rolls around, bringing with it another release by Cannon. If you loved Our Flag Means Death but wished there was a wlw romance in it, then this is the swashbuckling book you’ve been looking for! Read more about All Your Storms and Ships Called She, as well as Lunch Special below:

Lunch Special by Geonn Cannon

Curse the Darkness - Bad timing leads to two women being trapped together during a blackout.

Drunk on You - A lot of ifs could have prevented what happened. But then it wouldn't have happened.

For the Home Team - A tie-in with my novel The Only Game in Town. In 2016, a woman bends the rules to honor her grandmother. 

Ghost in the Machine - Love sparks between a scientist and an automaton whose intelligence isn't quite artificial.

Here at the Right Time - Just because you can time travel doesn’t always mean you should.

I Don’t Think You Knew You Were In This Song - A famous musician meets the woman who inspired her first hit song.

Last Gasp of Summer - Nancy was only going to pick up her daughter from summer camp. But an idle comment (and a weakness for a cute young women in a camp counselor outfit) leads her to an unexpected private lesson at the lake.

Nothing Up My Sleeve - A night out at a magic show turns frightening in more ways than one for an unhappily married audience member.

Rainbow Christmas - An envoy from Santa’s Village takes an assignment to save Christmas for one little girl... and her mother.

Seven Rules for a Happy Hubby - Lizzie lost her job, which isn't that big a deal. But she has no idea how to be a housewife. Luckily, a magazine from the 1950s has tips.

She’s Not Me - 20 years after her series ends, Nina is annoyed at the lasting impact of her character has on potential conquests... until she experiences the character in a whole new way. 

Surf Music - Audrey Owens was born in New Zealand and grew up in California, so this snowy holiday nonsense doesn't ring true for her. Luckily she married well.

Sweet Nothings - Monica has a crush on her favorite audiobook narrator. Downside, they work together. Upside, it seems her feelings might not be one-sided.

The End - And they lived happily ever after. And then...

Two Black Cadillacs - When a woman discovers her husband is cheating on her, she decides to get close with the woman he's cheating with. Maybe too close.

Walking After Midnight - On Valentine's Day (technically a few minutes after), Ilene's sleepwalking problem takes her on a trip.


All Your Storms and Ships Called She by Geonn Cannon

Welcome aboard the pirate ship Banshee.

Cariad Baillie has a lead on a story that could finally make her a proper journalist. She just needs a ship to take her to a set of mysterious coordinates where a lucrative job awaits the right crew. She finds passage with Captain Clio Landau, a steely widow with no memory of the first thirty years of her life.

Once they're underway, Cariad finds herself surrounded by rough women and outlaws the likes of which she's never seen. The daughter of a rich family who gave up her inheritance to be a doctor. A seductive Spanish cook who makes Cariad think of things she's always tried very hard to ignore. A stoic Greek woman who allegedly hasn't set foot on land for decades. A Persian first mate who has her captain's back no matter what, and an Indian gunner who would fight the entire world to protect her crew.

Cariad sets sail with these ferocious outlaws to find the answers she seeks, and some answers she didn't even know she was looking for.

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