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Author Spotlight: Brandon L. Summers

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Continuing with our month of science fiction, today's interview features Brandon L. Summers, author of Quiet Shy. This story has the feel to me of combining dystopian future, comic book, and science fiction, with literary leanings and even some magical elements. In other words, a bit of everything. It's a unique story, and I love the relationship between the two main women.

How and why did you choose your genre?

I’m not impressed by reality. The world isn’t a great place. Science fiction can be anything. It can reflect mankind’s noblest ambitions. It can challenge and criticize, while also offering a solution and inspiring hope. For me, it allows reality to be the kind of fun I want, where the sky can be vanilla-white and grass strawberry-red, every animal is precious and can be hugged (even ones with pointy teeth), robots are friendly, everyone has a flying machine, magic is historical fact. Anything extra you need that may not exist or be within reach is always right there. You’re not alone.

Tell us a little about any upcoming projects.

I have a novel coming in December titled Leigh and Kirby (and The End of Everything Else), about a young couple after graduation and their adventures across the galaxy. It is the most adorable novel ever written. I have a novella coming titled Girls First Dance about young teens solving a murder and falling in love. I have a teen superhero novel called StarBright coming. And Supposed Crimes is publishing my horror novel, Crimson Realm, about a badass girl fighting demons and monsters while protecting her fiance in a nightmare city.

What inspired you to write your latest story?

I always write what I’m feeling. Quiet Shy is about a woman who hates how her job keeps her away from the one she loves, and I wrote that because I hated how my job was keeping me away from the one I love. I also like robots in hooded robes as villains. Crimson Realm is about a woman who will do anything to protect the one she loves from monsters, because that love is the best thing she has in her life. I also wanted to write “The Dark Knight Returns” but with an awesome woman, so she’s on a horse and has a sword, and uses a flare gun to explode creatures. There are really too few novels featuring a female Dark Knight.

Do the people in your life know about your writing?

Of course. It’s the only thing I do, so I have nothing else to talk about. They don’t read my stuff, but that’s not their job. They put up with me being excited about whatever ideas I have, and the beauty they bring to my life inspires my characters.

Do you write full-time or part-time?

Part-time, but it’s the only thing that interests me. After work I write until I go to bed, and it’s all I do on weekends. There are so many projects I need to write and my time is finite.

What makes you unique?

I’m not unique. I’m just some idiot-slob who likes to amuse himself by writing monogamous romances that feature robots and way too many puns.

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