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December New Release

Amy Leibowitz new releases

This months' new release is Conquest: Kai's Story by Kaden Shay.

In the late 24th century, life seemed to be going well for the human population of Earth. War, famine, debt, and disease had been eradicated and a new era of peace and discovery was ushered in. However, as history has taught us over and over again, there is rarely a rise without a corresponding fall.

When a new technology which brought free, clean energy to all of mankind failed, the planet and its human population suffered great loss. With most of the people once inhabiting the planet dead or dying, a new time of human rose to the place of survival: the Regen. Able to use the deadly radiation leaked into Earth's flora, fauna, and atmosphere as a healing agent, the Regens constantly regenerate their cell structure. The result is a lack of radiation-caused disease and lengthened lifespans.

However, each and every human being must have its opposite and for the Regens this meant the Purists. Average humans who were somehow immune to radiation poisoning and other effects. Taking up their side against the Regens and labeling them evil, a new era of struggle, powerplays, and fighting dawned.

Follow four Regen Resistance Generals in their quest to be named as equals to the Purists. Each General, giving a nickname by the Purist leaders, represents one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Meet Kai, known by her enemies as Conquest, in this first installment of a set of four novels.

The novel is already receiving positive attention from reviewers. Looks like a good one!

I really loved this book and found myself totally immersed in the world Kaden Shay has imagined. It is very well written and engaging and I can’t wait for the next one in the series. A well deserved 5 stars. -Kitty Kat

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Happy reading!

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