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In case you missed it: March new releases

Amy Leibowitz


We're heading into spring soon, and we have two new releases this month to keep you warm until the weather turns. Both books deal with complex themes and the human condition. Check them out!

Breaking Anchor, by Geonn Cannon

If you're looking for a real-world, contemporary setting and a good enemies-to-lovers story, this is a good one.

I found this book to be engaging, thought provoking, and an extremely enjoyable read. -Curtie

I enjoyed this story and found it an interesting take on the hate turns to love scenario. -Kitty Kat

Surrogate, by Jeanne G'Fellers

If you're more in the mood for speculative fiction with in-depth world-building, adventure, and danger, you might try this one.

Surrogate is a fantastic piece of Science Fiction. The story is set in other worlds, although parts of it feel all too familiar to our own world, especially the part about a society based on debt. -Anne

The author provides an excellent look at diverse cultures and the fact that our cultural expectations form the basis for so much of our perception/judgment of others. -Jane Marshall

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