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In the news: Politics, Media, and Fall Fun

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October is shaping up to be an interesting month. Here's the bad, the good, the media, and the just plain fun.

The Bad News:

On the American political front, Brett Kavanaugh has now been confirmed and sworn in. It's more important than ever that all eligible people vote this November, regardless of your affiliation.

During a drill at school, a transgender student was the subject of debate by teachers. They didn't know which locker room to send her into. This poses a risk for all trans students, and it proves we still have a long way to go to reach equality.

The Good News:

Romanian voters didn't feel compelled to show up in a vote to prevent marriage equality. While it isn't the same as actually making marriage equality or civil unions the law, it's at least a step to leave the door open.

Australia conducted its largest study of bisexual people. As a result, they've formed a new national organization for bisexual support, research, and education.

Millennials continue to forge their own path, diverging from their parents, including on spiritual matters. Young adult evangelicals see activism and advocacy as a natural outgrowth of their faith.

In the Media:

Writers are talking about and highlighting the difference between romance and erotica. Check out the link to learn more.

It's been officially confirmed that Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) on The Good Place is bisexual. Another awesome bi-con to watch!

A Little Fall Fun

This adorable girl dressed as Ruth Bader Ginsburg and even got a letter in response! Hopefully this gives girls everywhere a great idea for Halloween this year.

Finally, the hilarious, cute, and very talented figure skater Adam Rippon gives us the scoop on which pumpkin spice products are yay and which are nay. Yummy in so many ways.

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