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If you’re anything like me, you binge watched episodes 1-6 of the latest Stranger Things season almost immediately and are eagerly awaiting the last two episodes to drop on Netflix on July 1st. But after you watch those last two episodes, then what? Well, lucky for you we have three new books that are also coming out July 1st and will be waiting for you when the credits roll at the end of episode 8! And if Stranger Things isn’t your jam, then you can just skip that first step and get right to reading!

The Parsley Knight by Dan Ackerman
Newly knighted and green as anything, Ainsley looks forward to his first quest, not just for the independence it will bring but for the coin as well. He's not sure what he'll find on his journey but he didn't anticipate friendly witches, baby dragons, or a curious crow that brings him trinkets.

Not sure if the crow is an ill omen, Ainsley tries to keep his distance but can't resist tossing the bird a few crumbs. The crow returns the favor one day when Ainsley is in danger, revealing his true nature as Rue, a semi-exiled member of the dazzling and dangerous fairy court.

After an attack, Rue brings him to Otherworld to recover and as Ainsley regains his health, their attraction grows. Being home is no easy feat and Rue is dragged back into court life as Ainsley longs for home. The men have to make a choice between two worlds when neither of those worlds feels exactly like home.

The Only Game in Town by Geonn Cannon
When the men are called to fight, women are called to play. 

Marcy Neal is a shortstop with a barnstorming baseball team called the Lady Yankees when the US joins the Great War. Every able-bodied man is expected to serve, athletes included. A canceled season would be a financial disaster for team owners and morally devastating for the American public, so a plan is devised. The season will go on as planned... with women players.
Marcy jumps at the opportunity to play professionally. With only a few weeks before the first pitch, she gathers the best players she knows. Rosalind O'Brien, the fastest woman in Illinois. Iona "Moxie" Moccia, a catcher who knows the game better than anyone on a Cracker Jack card. And Caroline Rainy, the best pitcher to ever take the mound. Rainy is also Marcy's lifelong friend, first love, and current heartbreak, but she's willing to put her feelings aside for the greater good.
The war has given them the chance of a lifetime to prove women can play the game as well as any man, and Marcy has no intention of stopping before the World's Series.

Stone’s Homefront by Adrian J. Smith
A bomb at a factory. A new case. Morgan will do anything to stop her world from spinning out of control. 
With Mr. Jimmy’s case still on her plate, Agent Morgan Stone isn’t sure she wants to take on a second. Focusing on Jimmy’s young victims, she has little interest in a bomb that goes off in Chicago. With an end to restricted duty in sight after last winter, Morgan finds herself thrust into a new case she doesn’t want. 
She has no option but to liaison with Detective Fiona Wexford and potentially ruin the tentative friendship they’ve been building. With her career, love life, and friendships crumbling around her, Morgan wonders, does she still have what it takes to stop a mad bomber?

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