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Leap Day!

Amy Leibowitz News random

It’s February 29, and since we have a bonus day this month, I figured it was a good time to blog about random news and other things.

February’s been a heck of a month. On February 5, President Trump was acquitted on both articles of impeachment. I’ll refrain from giving a political opinion and suggest everyone form their own.

At the end of last month, the WHO declared coronavirus a global emergency. There’s been a lot of speculation about what it means for the rest of peak illness season in the US and for the next couple of years while the entire world works to stop the outbreak. You can read the updated timeline here.

The Democratic Party debates on February 25 were a hot mess. I can only sum them up with this meme:

The new live-action Mulan’s producer, Jason Reed, gave a somewhat thin and garbled explanation for cutting Li Shang (or rather, splitting him into two separate characters, apparently). It reads very much like a heterosexual guy trying to (badly) explain #MeToo and bisexuality all in one go.

And in random personal news, my kids were in their school production of The Addams Family. (Okay, yes, I really just wanted to share this photo.) My older one played Mal Beineke (and yes, what he’s wearing is his costume); my younger child was an Ancestor in the vocal ensemble. Aren’t they precious?

What’s your February been like?

Coming soon, we’ll have our first release of the year. After that, we’ve got some awesome books on deck, and we’ll share with you as the year goes on. Happy reading!

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