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November Releases

Lauren Bell

November is fast approaching, and with it brings not one but TWO highly anticipated sequels from Supposed Crimes! From author Dan Ackerman comes the second book in the Sunshine and Specter Paranormal Detective Agency, a paranormal tale perfectly fitting for the upcoming autumn nights. If you’re looking for something a bit more steamy to cozy up with and read, Lara Zielinsky is bringing us the sequel to We Three, a m|f|f polyamorous love story. Read more about the books here:

A Lady Who Knows What She Wants by Dan Ackerman

As Sunshine and Specter navigate the changes to their relationship, fall comes to New York City. Their paranormal detective agency is thriving. Specter is fretting over Halloween costumes--a little too much, which leads to trouble.

An old friend asks them to investigate a haunted bed and breakfast in the Cape. And really, they could use a vacation after the mess they cleaned up on their last case. 

Only a few bumps come in the night and the ones that do aren't the ones they expect from ghosts. Before they have their answers, an unwanted visitor shows his face, one that's much too familiar. Sunshine and Specter scramble for their lives. Suddenly, the world they know is far behind.

We Fit by Lara Zielinsky

Following the events of We Three, Jess hasn’t been in touch since Elena invited her to move in with them.

For Elena, Jess, and Eric, attempting to reconnect reveals how much they all still have to learn about each other and making relationships like theirs work.

Facing obstacles at work and play, can they each achieve the happiness they want?

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