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Supposed Crimes Submits to the Rainbow Awards

Christy Case awards gay publisher lesbian publisher pride month queer publisher

Supposed Crimes has just nominated its 2016-2017 catalog for the 2017 Rainbow Awards. This is a great opportunity for books that were overlooked by reads to get new recognition. Several books this year are deeply literary -- others are fun genre romps. Fingers crossed everybody!

The submissions go with a donation to Time Out Youth, a local charity here in North Carolina.

One nomination this year is free to read right now: Seoul Circuit, by Tamara Boyens.

Download it now. 

Thanks to Elisa Rolle, the judges, and all the publishers and authors who donated! Happy Pride Month!

Supposed Crimes is your favorite queer publisher of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender work by the best authors around. The book you've always dreamed of reading is here. 

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