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Supposed Crimes Talks Superheroes, Wine, and FREE BOOKS

Christy Case

Supposed Crimes Summer Wine

Wonder Woman is getting a lot of buzz, but our author Geonn Cannon would tell you Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is where it's at. Talk at the office is split between Spider-Man and Thor. Personally, I'm going to wait for Dealpool 2 next year and prepare myself to be disappointed in Captain Marvel.

We don't publish comic books, but we love comic books, and summer movies can be like comic books on steroids—good and bad. But we're just going to drink some wine.

Secret Identity Wine from IconicHow many authors at Supposed Crimes have secret identities?

Is it the price of being a lesbian and gay publisher, that some authors have to stay in the shadows?

Or is it a long literary tradition of presenting the right face (and sometimes the "right gender") to the world?

Only the publisher knows where the checks are going. They're spent on superhero wine.

Iconic wine makes a great summer rose (pronounce it with the AEYH on the end), called Secret Identity.

Pour a glass of wine, sit outside in the sunlight with your Kindle, and choose your own FREE superhero book of choice:

Realism, gravitas, a dark past and a dangerous present – That's Guard Me, by Geonn Cannon.

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Download Now for Free

For an additional perk, join our mailstring and get a free LGBTQ fairy tale, and wait for summer blockbusters to end and Oscar season to begin.

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