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The Stanley Cup, Good Wine, and Geonn Cannon

Christy Case

I'm a hockey fan. Which means Supposed Crimes is a hockey fan. Companies are persons too, you know. One we authors and readers all make together, like Voltron.

Geonn's not the first person to write a queer hockey novel. There are several out there. Gay men and lesbians are representing in fiction, and back in real life, professional women's hockey has its first out transgender player

Geonn, though, is an award-winning crafter of action and women werewolves, which means Dog Biscuits is gonna be good. Lesbian fiction meets mystery meets Seattle.

Pre-order it now while the race is on!

For fictional and real-life hockey, queer fans are welcome. Thanks to the efforts of You Can Play, one of the charities Supposed Crimes supports, hockey is pretty gay.

I mean, this is the Washington Capitals goalie, marching in D.C.'s gay pride parade

As an aside, I'm not a huge fan of the title Dog Biscuits. But it's a hockey / lesbian werewolf pun, which makes Geonn happy. But is it a serious book? Geonn assures me it has gravitas. The same gravitas that made Dogs of War a multiple-award winner. 

Then, when the Cup is done and hockey has waned, you'll get a new novel to bring back all the hype. 

It'll be the dog days of summer.

(Are you proud of me, Geonn?)

What will I be doing when Dog Biscuits arrives in my hands? 

Unmask hockey wineSipping hockey wine down at the local shop.  

Yes, there's hockey wine. Made by Cam Ward of the Carolina Hurricanes and his fellow teammates. This year it celebrates goalies.

Try some Unmask and contemplate the intersection between identity politics, sport, and really good fiction. May Lord Stanley's Cup runneth over.

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