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The Top 5 Reasons to Try Lesbian Fiction (Lesfic)

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You may have read the title of this post and thought to yourself, "But I'm not a lesbian." It's not necessary to be a lesbian to read lesfic. Anyone can enjoy it.

What exactly is lesfic? It's a large category for stories about (and usually for and by) women who love women. I'm using that in its broadest sense, so that includes bisexual women and people who otherwise identify as sapphic (including nonbinary feminine-spectrum people who love women). But just because the primary audience is women who love women, that doesn't mean other folks won't enjoy it.

5. It's not all romance and erotica. Maybe you're not that into reading about sex. That's okay! If you do like romance, there are lots of "sweet" (i.e. low-heat) books. If what you want is badass women who save the day and go home to dinner with their girlfriends, that's covered too.

4. Avoiding the misogyny and male/female dynamics. Fed up with the male gaze? Try out some books where that's refreshingly absent within the relationship. You know all those love triangles with "which man should she choose"? Smash the patriarchy by reading a book where the princess chooses neither, rescues herself, and rides off into the sunset with her lady love.

3. You might learn a thing or two. Reading about women who love women makes them more visible. It could help you relate to your friend, coworker, neighbor, child, parent, or sibling. Or maybe you'll figure out yourself. Hey, you never know.

2. The genres! Oh, the genres. There's no limit. Steampunk, vampires and shifters, detective, Regency, contemporary young adult, space pirates. You name it, there's surely a lesfic book about it. Lots of happily ever afters out there, just waiting to be read.

1. And the top reason to read lesfic is...because there's no reason not to. It really doesn't matter what gender or orientation you are. A good book is a good book, and we could use more people reading about women in general.

Not sure where to start? We've got you covered here. All kinds of books to pick from. Still feeling overwhelmed? Then stay tuned because some of our best books will be on sale after Christmas.

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