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This month's theme: Sensitive content

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What's the first thing that comes to mind when you read or hear the words "sensitive content"?

For me, it's growing up in an era in which that was sometimes how adults labeled things they thought were "not for children." Ironically, sometimes those things were literally about children, such as family issues like abuse and addiction.

As an adult and an author, I tend to think of sensitive as referring to things that may be emotionally heavy for readers. I try to make sure I indicate when content may stir up strong feelings or be triggering. This gives readers the chance to either prepare themselves or to decide the story is not for them. Other authors feel differently and choose not to include content notes.

It could be argued that it isn't possible to label every bit of potentially sensitive content. After all, some people's traumatic experiences may include unusual triggers. But there are some things that are widespread enough that they're worth mentioning, especially if there is any detail.

Because Supposed Crimes' books are primarily LGBTQIA-themed, there's a likelihood of butting up against some of those common sensitivities. Many of our authors and readers have similar experiences, and our LGBTQIA community has a collective history. It's natural that we would include that in our books.

Sometimes those things are explored directly, through contemporary or historical realistic fiction. Other times they appear in a different form through speculative fiction or alternate history. Whichever form it takes, many of us look to our books to provide healing and hope in the midst of hurt and anguish.

Whatever your feelings about sensitive content, we hope you'll find an outlet through our books. Although there's a wide range of topics covered, there are yet more to be explored. What difficult subjects do you wish more books covered?

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