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Canines: A Supposed Crimes Anthology

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  • eBook ISBN: 978-1-944591-03-8

This vampire anthology by Supposed Crimes features six tales of bloodlust, violence, and vanity with LGBT protagonists, men seeking men, women loving women, and more.

A Late Night Snack by Kaden Shay – The narrator gets more than bargained for pursuing a beautiful woman at a club.

Courting the Flame by A. M. Hawke – A man wants to become a vampire at all cost.

This World or the Next by Jennifer Loring – He longs to free the vampyre on display at the circus.

The Diary of Anne Salt by Christopher Michael Carter – She's drawn to the woman on the subway, but is unprepared for un-worldly revelations.

Vamp-Hire by Landon Dixon – He's a PI that will work for vampire sex.

The Dress by Lela E. Buis – She wants to be beautiful, but she might not be willing to trade her life.

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