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Not Exactly the Girl You’d Bring Home (Sunshine and Specter #0)

Not Exactly the Girl You’d Bring Home (Sunshine and Specter #0)

$ 8.99
  • Author: Dan Ackerman
  • Release Date: September 1, 2023

  • eBook ISBN: 978-1-952150-84-5
  • print ISBN: 978-1-952150-34-0

Raising the baby antichrist isn't easy for adoptive parents Hiram and Phaedrus. A cult kills Felix's mother for creating a child with Lucifer and Felix is sent into hiding. Hiram, bound to the devil and aging slowly, and Phaedrus, a fallen angel, do the best they can in guiding Felix into young adulthood. Felix is good-natured but isolated. His few encounters with his father Lucifer leave him unsettled.

An angel is hunting Felix, too. Sent by Heaven to kill the antichrist, he has been searching for 26 years. Felix, tired of spending his life in hiding, casts a spell to capture and kill the angel. Only he can't work up the nerve to kill. Felix and the angel strike an unruly truce as the cult returns. The peaceful upbringing Felix had is ending. His three parents hope they've given Felix the tools to confront Heaven and Hell as he comes into his own.

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