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Mystery and Detective

Let's talk about what Mystery and Detective at Supposed Crimes really is: Sexy lesbian cops. A lot of us grew up reading detective stories and that was the first genre to feature gay and lesbian characters. First as villains, then as victims, then as heroines in their own right with the advent of Laurie R King and Katherine V. Forrest and Rita Mae Brown.

Supposed Crimes is upholding a GLBT legacy here. C. E. Case even wrote her masters thesis on lesbian detective fiction. Back in 2000, so it's horribly out of date now.

There are two badass cops at Supposed Crimes that rule the roost, both of them women who love women.

The original woman is Riley Parra, who has a five "season" arc. She's a city detective who fights alongside angels against demons, and her lover is Gillian Ander--Gillian Hunt, the city's medical examiner. Cop / ME love is a familiar story, and here it's satisfying, on the page maintext. Riley Parra has such a following that she's becoming the star character in a lesbian webseries from Tello Films. Geonn Cannon, Riley's creator, got to watch the first table read of his script recently. 

The point is, everyone loves detectives, and everyone here loves LGBT detectives.

Our other current star is Grace Halling, in the For By Grace series by Adrian J. Smith. She's a beat cop--she sees the action on the streets. She falls in love with the police chaplain, which introduces themes of Christianity and redemption into Grace's story. It doesn't keep her from being kick-ass or violent when she's working, or loving whiskey and long baths when she's not. Grace's story has really caught on--she's the centerpiece of Adrian's ever-exciting, developing work. 

The other great thing about mysteries is that they come as series. Letting go of a stand-alone great novel can be hard, but Riley and Grace are always out there, working hard to change the world, one solved crime at a time.