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The Organization

The Organization

$ 4.99
  • Author: Lucy di Legge
  • Release Date: Available Now

  • eBook ISBN: 978-1-938108-84-6
  • print ISBN: 978-1-938108-85-3

Charlotte Parker, a quiet American biochemist, is trying to live out a humdrum life in post-war, near-future London. After an unexpected transfer to a new position at her laboratory, she is drawn into a circle of friendship with her new coworkers and finds herself entangled in an illicit organization where she is unable to tell friend from foe. What’s more – a new and forbidden love interest is pulling her deeper into the fold. Charlotte must choose to continue her under-the-radar lifestyle or risk it all for an organization that may be playing her for a fool.

Cover Art Photography by Nicolas Raymond and Norlando Pobre.

"The Organization is very well written, and I’m shocked that it’s only Lucy di Legge’s second novel. It has a tone similar to P.D. James’s Children of Men..." - The Lesbian Review
"I really enjoyed the book – the description of London in the not too distant future was fascinating... comprised of various interesting characters and they were well fleshed out and integral to the story." - Inked Rainbow Reads
"This is an interesting and unusual book. A dark dystopia set in near future London where ozone burn-off is now deadly and big brother is everywhere under a fascist nationalistic government.... Overall an absorbing read and I can’t actually explain why I enjoyed it as much as I did." - Lesbian Reading Room

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