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LGBT Youtubers to get hooked on

Lauren Tonge

Maybe you're out of the loop, but LGBT Youtubers are the it thing in town, and have been for quite a while. Big names like Tyler Oakley are now pop culture icons, he's been on Ellen and even interviewed First Lady Michelle Obama. So yeah, Youtubers are making it into the mainstream.

Now you're wondering, but who should I be watching? Excellent question! We've got a few of our favorite LGBT Youtube sensations to share. We highly recommend checking them out on your day off, because if you have work to do, it's not getting done once you get hooked on one of these channels. You will be watching until there are no more!

So here's our list of popular LGBT Youtubers we think you will enjoy.

Tyler Oakley
Since we mentioned him already, I'm going to put him first. He's one of the most well known Youtubers out there. He's met celebrities, been on tv, has a book deal. If you like charming and adorable guys with cute accents, Tyler is your man.  
Top Video: The Photobooth Challenge

Hannah Hart
If you're a queer girl and don't know Hannah Hart, you've been missing out. Prepare to binge on her My Drunk Kitchen videos, as well as all her others. Start from the beginning and watch as she progresses. (She's also dating fellow YouTuber Ingrid Nilsen, who's coming out video has almost 14 million views)
Top Video: Butter Yo Shit

Ingrid Nilsen
This fashion and beauty YouTuber came out just 7 months ago. Her video about it is 19 minutes long and has nearly 14 million views and it's worth watching. And if you're into beauty, fashion, recipes, or just love her bubbly personality you'll like her other videos too.
Top Video: Something I Want You To Know (Coming Out) 

Connor Franta
He has over 5 million subscribers and was a member of the YouTube group Our Second Life. In January 201, he won "Favorite YouTube Star" at the People's Choice Awards. He spends his time talking about a variety of subjects like coming out, and signs a guy doesn't like you. In other videos he's collaborating with fellow YouTubers. 
Top Video: British vs America: How We Do It

Kat Blaque
Kathryn Wilkins aka Kat Blaque is a transgender African American YouTube personality. She first appeared in a BuzzFeed video talking about gender pronouns and why they matter.  She currently has 60,000 subscribers and has videos on "What defines gender?" and "How to be part of the trans community". 
Top Video: Why Rachel Dolezal isn't Caitlyn Jenner

I found her on YouTube after just searching "lesbian" (original, right?). After wading through tons of strange lesbian videos, I found ElloSteph doing a game called "Lesbians or Sorority Sisters" where she had fellow queer girls answering whether the two girls in various photos were lesbians or sorority sisters. She has plenty more videos like this, so check her out.
Top Video: Girlfriend Tag


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