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Upcoming February Book Releases

Christy Case

I know it's just January, but don't you love the anticipation of waiting for something to come out? We just had the holidays and it's nice anticipating the opening of gifts and spending time with family. But now what's the next holiday to celebrate? Valentine's Day? How about you celebrate some of our upcoming book releases! It's always exciting when you count down the days to a movie or book release or a new album from your favorite artist. 

Now you can start marking off the days until our February books release! We have three coming up including a book of poetry, one taking place in post-war, near-future London, and a band coming back together. Now you have something to look forward to! You're welcome.


Gun Control for Polar Bears
Christopher Michael Carter
This is the first volume of poetry we are publishing! It's a collection of 101 poems by the fabulous Christopher Michael Carter. Here is one to wet your appetite. 

What is the coal that fuels us?
The match that sparks our anger
We’re a large locomotive with millions of cars
That love to derail
The heat, the passion
Fuels such a train
Be it hate, anger, both
It pushes, it chugs
A destination reached
But we’ve lost more than a few cars

The Organization
Lucy di Legge
Charlotte Parker, a quiet American biochemist, is trying to live out a humdrum life in post-war, near-future London. After an unexpected transfer to a new position at her laboratory, she is drawn into a circle of friendship with her new coworkers and finds herself entangled in an illicit organization where she is unable to tell friend from foe. What’s more – a new and forbidden love interest is pulling her deeper into the fold. Charlotte must choose to continue her under-the-radar lifestyle or risk it all for an organization that may be playing her for a fool.

(Check out this great review from Lesbian Reading Room!)


Radiation Canary: Greatest Hits
Geonn Cannon

Two years ago, the Canaries scattered into the wind, eager to see what else the world held for them. Karen and Laura stayed in Seattle and started a family. Karen released a solo album to critical and commercial acclaim, but lately she's only been playing lullabies for their son. Lana moved to England to be with Catherine and fills her days by writing music for television programs while avoiding her girlfriend's celebrity-fueled parties. Nessa Grace, now going by the married name of Vanessa Weyland, is hiding in suburbia, eager to be a mommy rather than "that woman who used to be famous." And Codie, finally able to afford her dream of flying, takes to the air as often as possible. 
When one of Codie's flights ends with an emergency landing, she realizes that the band isn't exploring their options: they're wasting time. They found a place they belonged and a life they loved, and they put it on hold just in case there were greener pastures somewhere out there. She decides the time has come to get the band back together and sets out to bring her sisters back to the nest. With the support of their loved ones and the record label, the band reunites at a secluded studio last used by Dash Warren to record her final album. The band picks up where they left off without missing a step and begins work on a secret album that will be used to reintroduce them to the world. 
Now their career relies on if their fans, the public who made the band famous in the first place, are willing to accept their return. With one band member's relationship falling apart and another's endangered by jealousy, Radiation Canary may discover their greatest hits will be the kind that leave bruises.

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