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Supposed Crimes NaNoWriMo Pregame - Inspirational Women in Stock Art

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Yes, we're shameless. Yes, there are too many white women in these photographs. National Novel Writing Month is coming up and we've got 50,000 words to go. Inspiration has to come from somewhere. Supposed Crimes is famous for its lesbian novels, but could use a few more.
These ladies need stories.
photo of brooding girl
(She looks like Yara from Game of Thrones, doesn't she? Is it just me?)
girl photographing cherry blossoms
They're waiting for your words.
photo of girl smoking
(Smoking is bad for you. And not sexy at all... ahem.)
photo of mixed female couple
They seem sad. Won't you help them?
photo of women at computer
Maybe these CSI-looking ladies will save them.
Where all the boys at?! Coming soon.
(All photos are in the public domain.)

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